Eden AcousticsTomeiusedEden Acoustics Tomei - Open Air Loudspeaker SystemEden Acoustics TÔMEI Open Air Loudspeaker System (Exhibition pair)Expo pair showed at a Hi Fi exhibition. Like new, having played less than 24 hours of music! Price in the US is $18000 but in this ...13750.00

Eden Acoustics Tomei - Open Air Loudspeaker System [Expired]

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Eden Acoustics TÔMEI Open Air Loudspeaker System (Exhibition pair)

Expo pair showed at a Hi Fi exhibition.
Like new, having played less than 24 hours of music!
Price in the US is $18000 but in this case we offer it for $13750!
ACU-01 Control Unit set at 230v but easily switchable to 115v.

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"The Tomei system is something I could live with forever if I stopped reviewing hifi gear and just had to pick a resting place.
This is why it received one of my Publisher’s Choice Awards in issue 80."
Jeff Dorgay /  Tone Audio Magazine

"A placement at a close listening distance of 1.9m and accurate toe in put forth the ever last ounce of holographic shear airiness to the listening area. Brahms' Requiem (from the Berlin Radio Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Marek Janowski) exposed the contrast between the very close-placed speakers and the spaciousness of the projected Berlin Philharmonic, which was illuminated in all dimensions, so startling that the tester preferred shutting his eyes and listening to the SACD to the end.”
Malte Ruhnke / Stereoplay Magazine

"Wonderfully vivid, expansive sound… I lean back, forget the speakers, close my eyes… Pure musical bliss. Goose bumps? Yes, indeed!
I’m easily carried by the piano sound and I’m again impressed by the awesome full strength sound whose striking spatiality never ceases to amaze me!
These speakers are not only a feast for the eyes. They easily manage the full spectrum of all kinds of music and they can satisfy even the most demanding audiophile.”
Alexander Aschenbrunner / Hi Fi Stars Magazine

Eden Acoustics TÔMEI Active Loudspeaker System

With TÔMEI we set out to create the ultimate musical experience: a loudspeaker that sounds so live, so immersive that you can almost touch the performers.
That meant rethinking every element that makes a loudspeaker, completely changing the way sound can be reproduced. The result is TÔMEI, a spatially coherent system based on our Open Air architecture.

99% of the domestic loudspeakers use closed or semi-closed enclosures with their drivers. With TÔMEI we went the opposite way and removed all panels to free the drivers. This structure applied to the high and mid frequency drivers, with the aid of an open baffle bass module, creates an almost boundless, walk-around soundstage and for the first time you not only listen to a LIVE performance, you attend it!

TÔMEI means transparent in Japanese and we mean it!

TÔMEI SYSTEM Specifications

• Two TÔMEI monitors on solid wood / acrylics supports
• One open baffle bass module
• One ACU-1 control unit contains the digital signal processor and separate amplifiersfor each driver
• Supplied with three special loudspeaker cables with Neutrik Speakon™ connectors
• Black velvet speaker and control units protective hoods
• Frequency response: 27 - 25,000 Hz. -3 dB
• Shipped in two wood-frames crates


• Tweeter unit: 29 mm, ring dome tweeter
• Mid-bass unit: 150 mm, Revelator series
• Bass Unit: 340 mm, cast aluminum chassis, paper cone with 76 mm voice coil.


• DSP: 1.5GFlops floating point 40 bits processing 4th generation digital signal processor
• DAC: AKM AK4495 32-bit; accepts up to 768 kHz PCM and 22.4 DSD data
• ADC: AKM AK5397 32-bit 127 dB S/N; sampling up to 768 kHz
• Balanced and unbalanced inputs
• ADC sensitivity adjustment (+ 6db, + 12 dB)
• ANALOG inputs : XLR Balanced and RCA unbalanced
• S/PDIF digital input
• USB Audio Class 2: 32 bits / 192 Khz
• Three (3) new generation Class-D stereo amplifiers
• 1250 watts total

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