VACMaster PreampusedVAC Master Preamp (( Super Sweet ))Super clean, super sweet VAC Master Preamp:Comes with NOS Siemens Cca gold pin tubes.Unit is less than 3 years old with very lite use.Line stage only.MasterPreamplifier The design of the all-...15500.00

VAC Master Preamp (( Super Sweet )) [Expired]

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Super clean, super sweet VAC Master Preamp:

Comes with NOS Siemens Cca gold pin tubes.

Unit is less than 3 years old with very lite use.

Line stage only.


The design of the all-new VAC Master Preamplifier takes the essential developments from the cost-no-object Statement pre-amplifier and presents them in their most elemental, effective forms. If the Statement products might be likened to Formula 1 race cars the Master Preamplifier is the derivative ultra performance road-going sports car.

As in the Statement Line Stage, the volume control is a massive custom-made, multisection, 2.2 kg brass volume control with internal brass shielding. Remote-control capability is implemented via a VAC-designed motor drive system, which allows continuous control of infinite resolution.

All of the hand-wired Class A1 audio circuits are carried on machined, mass-loading plates, which are decoupled from the main chassis.

This projects solidity in detail and imaging while reducing microphony to infinitesimal levels. You’ll find the “naked” z-foil resistors and premium transformers from the Statement Line Stage.  

The VAC Master Preamplifier outperforms every other preamplifier, with the exception of the VAC Statement models that inspired it.  

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