Zanden Audio2500susedZanden Audio 2500s DEMO CD PLAYER  ROCK BOTTOM PRICE!Full WarrantyThe most analog sounding CD player yet made or ever likely to be made! The reviews say it all The Zanden Model 2500S CD Player ...9750.00

Zanden Audio 2500s DEMO CD PLAYER ROCK BOTTOM PRICE! [Expired]

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Full Warranty

The most analog sounding CD player yet made or ever likely to be made!

 The reviews say it all

The Zanden Model 2500S CD Player

Equipment+ by Roy Gregory | Dec 17, 2008

"The first thing that will strike you about the sound of the Model 2500S is its composed, relaxed quality, so reminiscent of the utterly unforced delivery I associate with the Audio Research Ref 3 line-stage. And just like the ARC, that unflustered, unhurried control is based on the complete confidence of the player – and the resulting confidence it instills in the listener. The calm confidence with which the music is delivered in turn allows you to relax, safe in the knowledge that the player and system aren’t constantly teetering on the brink. It’s all down to the 2500S’s sense of musical flow, its ability to encompass both the dynamic and rhythmic demands of the signal. The result is a fluid, almost sinuous presentation that invites the listener in and holds you there, enthralled.

Listen longer (which is no hardship in this instance) and you start to pick up on a smoothness that washes through proceedings, a subtle rounding to leading edges that eases the transition between and into notes, the passage through a phrase. Combine that with a rich and complex harmonic balance that gives those notes their true colour and length and you could be heading for the slow and syrupy end of the musical spectrum. But the Zanden’s ability to switch tempo between fast and slow, the jaunty quickstep of Eliza Gilkyson’s ‘Borderline’ and the measured, almost hymnal solemnity of the next track, ‘Paradise Hotel’, underlines the player’s effortless grasp of pace and just how wide the gap between “unforced” and “slow” really is – and conversely, just how musically destructive driven, clipped tempi are to musical expression. Instead, the Model 2500S builds its complex and beautifully layered harmonic structures on the superior temporal coherence common to filterless players. Notes and phrases are perfectly placed and weighted, bringing the performers and music both presence and substance, an innate sense of pace and the confidence to breathe."


. . . Doug Schneider
[email protected]

The Zandèn 2500S is a highly specialized product intended for those who value gorgeous styling and impeccable build quality, aren’t concerned with bang-for-buck value, and want that unmistakable Zandèn sound -- that analog-like sound -- from their CDs. Like the Stile Bertone Mantide, the Zandèn Audio Systems 2500S is something only that small group can afford, and even within that group, it’s something that only a certain number -- those who know and can hear what it does -- will appreciate enough to actually buy. I could never afford this player, but I wish I could, and I envy those who can. The 2500S is a high-end-audio CD dream machine.

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