TechnicsST-1200newTechnics ST-1200 Replacement Cable/BoardTechnics sl-1200 Silver/Teflon Phono cable with Replacement board Special order, 7-14 days First of all, there is no other cable on the market at this price point that even comes close to these.No...200.00

Technics ST-1200 Replacement Cable/Board [Expired]

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Technics sl-1200 Silver/Teflon Phono cable with Replacement board Special order, 7-14 days First of all, there is no other cable on the market at this price point that even comes close to these.No hype, No snake oil No voodoo. Pure, simple, outstanding cables with performance approaching the very best and most expensive audio cables on the market, for a fraction of the price. Well below what audiophiles normally expect to pay for superbly engineered and hand crafted components. Best Value of any cables available. All my cables are made by hand by me one at a time, I'm a small operation working at my home, with a small markup (40%) including labor. Unlike large cable manufactures which have a large overhead and typically charge 16 - 20 times cost. My mission is to the finest audio components, of the finest materials, at a reasonable price. The wire is MIL spec aerospace stranded silver plated copper wire, silver being the best conductor of electricity,Teflon insulation is very close to air resulting in very low capacitance which makes the cable suitable for any audio component as it will not contribute to instability,or absorb the signal.Teflon insulation is very thin resulting in a cable that is lightweight and flexible.This cable will not stress the jacks on your components, This configuration provides incredible imaging and detail across the entire audio spectrum, deep, tight, powerful bass, sweet transparent mid range, smooth and linear high frequency response.This cable provides incredibly low resistance. RCA Connectors: Louvered RCA plugs establish constant, firm contact with RCA jacks. Alloy shell . Silver plated OFC Body and pin for the best signal transfer. 5% silver solder. The Center Pin utilizes 101% IACS C11000 High Conductivity Oxygen Free Copper which is the highest conductivity copper available for the design.The center pin of the average RCA connector is typically some form of brass which is not nearly as conductive as the copper, silver plated copper or silver conductor cable you'd be connecting to it. Materials like C36000 Brass at 26% IACS or C54400 Phosphor Bronze at 19% IACS are the typical copper alloys used in RCA connector center pins due to their low cost and easy machining. Find out more about Copper Alloys at 5um Direct Silver Plating: The only plating option I currently offer is a 5um thick direct Silver plating without an under layer ensuring the maximum conductivity possible. Silver is the highest conductivity metal at 104% IACS and also has the lowest contact resistance of any metal.With proper handling silver plating will outperform any other connector plating. Reduced Mass Ground Bar: Most single piece body designs of RCA connectors use a grounding bar that is used to attach the shield and or negative contact of the cable by means of soldering.This design is still used but the grounding bar has been reduced in mass to facilitate quicker soldering so cables don't get overheated during assembly. • 5um Direct Silver Plated Contacts • C11000 Copper (OFC) Center Pin • Teflon Insulated Center Pin Wire: Silver plated Coaxial Cable RCA Constructed with stranded silver plated copper conductors insulated with an extruded PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) dielectric. The outstanding electrical and mechanical properties of silver and PTFE over a broad range of frequencies makes this coaxial cable outstanding for audio applications.Extremely transparent, clean and clear with solid soundstaging, plenty of bass, and does cymbals better than I've ever heard. Silver wire gives realistic, natural and organic sound with both solid state and tube gear. Teflon insulation and silver braided shielding for the best EMI/RFI rejection