AltusaL3newAltusa L3 - Cable Management SystemPlease place all orders at altusallc.comThe solid aluminum Alton L3 Cable Struts are available in Single ($49), 3 Pack ($129) and 6 Pack ($249) configurations.For a limited time use discount code H...49.00

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The solid aluminum Alton L3 Cable Struts are available in Single ($49), 3 Pack ($129) and 6 Pack ($249) configurations.

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Made in U.S.A       U.S. Pat. No. D769,198

These high end cable struts are meticulously crafted in the U.S. and are approximately 5 inches high and weigh 11.5 ounces (for additional dimensions please click here).   The structure is extremely strong and can carry multiple cables in each of the three tapered channels designed to provide gentle grip. These cable struts are engineered to provide a stable base with a wide footprint and heavy construction to manage multiple cables.

The solid aircraft-grade aluminum construction provides a rigid structure that lifts and separates cables to minimize floor and magnetic field interference for unparalleled clarity in sound reproduction. The patented design has an asymmetric form to neutralize and force vibration energy around three channels protecting cables. The design and high performance military-grade anodized finish will complement your audio system and help manage and protect all your cables. The Alton L3 Cable Struts are utilized in high quality audio systems to manage speaker, interconnect and power cables. They can also be used on stage to manage instrument cables or in recording studios to keep cables organized and free from interference.


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