Ocean Way AudioMontecitousedOcean Way Audio Montecito Reference Monitors*FORMERLY $24,495 / ORIGINAL RETAIL $48,000* For sale is a like-new pair of Ocean Way Audio Montecito Studio Reference Monitors. This pair of Montecito monitors feature an optional hand rubbed...19995.00

Ocean Way Audio Montecito Reference Monitors [Expired]

no longer for sale

*FORMERLY $24,495 / ORIGINAL RETAIL $48,000*

For sale is a like-new pair of Ocean Way Audio Montecito Studio Reference Monitors

This pair of Montecito monitors feature an optional hand rubbed black satin Steinway Piano finish with triple inlay bordering the front fascia resulting in a very understated and classy look. The vast majority of these speakers were finished glossy making the hand rubbed finish shown here a rarity.

Ocean Way Audio is the work of legendary five-time Grammy award-winning producer and recording engineer, Allen Sides. 

Allen designed and utilized his speakers in his studios, Ocean Way Recording, consisting of what were United Recording and Western Recording in Los Angeles as well as studios in Nashville and St. Barths. Ocean Way Recording was the world's most awarded studio complex and Allen's speakers are now considered a gold standard in the industry used by everyone from Dave Grohl to Steve Aoki.

With the Montecito monitors, you can now listen to your favorite albums by Michael Jackson, Ray Charles, U2, and more on speakers used and designed by the same man who engineered the records! 

  • Allen Sides Interview with Home Theater Geeks - https://twit.tv/shows/home-theater-geeks/episodes/199
  • Allen Sides interview with Neve - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qzHj7W6_lRk
  • Allen Sides interview with Vintage King - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6C74sJhpJAw
  • Ocean Way Audio THE Show Montecito Loudspeakers - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cwj79V6CQXs
  • Ocean Way Audio in Munich - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jfYnaUN04_4
  • Ocean Way Audio in Japan - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IRkU38qhBwQ

Additional information regarding the Montecito from Ocean Way, includes 12 month limited warranty from manufacturer

  • Very wide dynamic range with the ability to produce impressive levels with low distortion
  • Well defined bass flat to 30 Hz. Overall frequency response 30 Hz to 24 kHz within a 3 dB envelope
  • Ultra-high quality passive crossover with hand matched components allowing the system to be driven by a single high power amplifier with the option for bi-wiring
  • 6 dB greater efficiency and exceptionally wide dispersion accomplished by the fast flair rate of the HF waveguide
  • Physical voice coil alignment between high- and mid-frequency components provide symmetrical and linear time alignment
  • High-frequency voice coil encased is ferrofluid which yields increased power handling capacity and also dampens resonance in the high-frequency dome for a much silkier, natural sound
  • The enclosure is constructed of a special laminated birch plywood and other dense woods

Technical Specification

  • Frequency response plus or minus 1.5 dB 30 Hz to 24 kHz
  • Passive third order crossover
  • Crossover points 160 Hz and 1.6 kHz
  • Efficiency, 88 dB with one watt at one meter


  • High frequency - one inch aluminum dome and aluminum voice coil in ferrofluid coupled to a solid hardwood wave guide
  • Mid frequency - ten inch mid-bass driver with an anodized aluminum cone, die cast chassis and a one and half inch voice coil
  • Low frequency - twin twelve inch sub-bass drivers with aluminum cones, each with two and a half inch voice coils, capable of over one inch of excursion

Dimensions and Weight

  • 52 inches tall
  • 16 inches wide
  • 22 inches deep
  • 165 lbs per side

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