SoundLABA1usedSoundLAB A1 WITH CUSTOM UPDATESTruly awesome loudspeakers. A statement product by the legendary Dr. Roger West. Best of the best. These full range electrostatics have updated fresh new panels with PX technology, the top of the ...10850.00


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Truly awesome loudspeakers. A statement product by the legendary Dr. Roger West. Best of the best. These full range electrostatics have updated fresh new panels with PX technology, the top of the line Toroid II transformers for far more efficiency than ever before, the copper diffusion rings. They also include all the current features of new models including HOTROD updates with selected best components and premium pure Acrolink 6N and Siltech wiring throughout the inside of the interfaces. Nothing was spared to make these better than any produced Soundlab at present. To all practical purposes you will never get a sound quality as refined and transparent out of the Soundlab series such as these custom made specimens. On top of all this labor of love the installation of a very special ultra-thin and see-through grill for the front was installed by Soundlab to my specifications to let through all the transparency that the speaker is capable of achieving. It is like having no grill cloth at all! They work stunningly well with tube amplifiers and solid state units. They are Premium Bi-wireable or Bi-amplified possible in this configuration and terminated with Edison Price Copper Posts. Nothing has been spared to make this the best sounding Soundlab speaker available and one of the finest in the world. It would cost you many thousands of dollars to get this kind of sound on ANY speaker. I did the complete updating of these speakers at the Utah factory a little over one year ago and hardly play them since I am now much too busy travelling and my wife wants me to downsize. They always have been pampered with the finest electronics. Plenty of reviews out there on these. Read the glowing reviews by Dick Olsher of Stereophile, Jonathan Valin of the Absolute Sound. What you will purchase exceeds the performance of that generation of reviews in all ways. Seriously, the last speaker you will ever own. The frame wood is a nice lighter oak finish with casters. Speakers always kept in my music room in a non-smoking environment. I have complete crate for the speakers and shipping containers for the electronics. Please note that if seriously interested I can accept a deposit meanwhile the buyer arranges for shipping of these by a suitable Freight Company. Pickup arrangements are recommended. I live in Tampa, Florida. If these are to be shipped buyer needs to arrange for a shipping company to pick these up. But I can highly recommend ORBIT Professional located here in Largo, Florida since they were the ones who shipped back to me the speakers from Utah to Tampa. Their rates are very reasonable and competitive. I can assist buyer here if interested. . “No other speaker in my experience has portrayed as realistic and as exquisite a tonal balance from the mids through the deep bass as have the Sound Labs. The mid and upper bass ranges infuse classical, jazz, and even pop music with the sort of full-body harmonic glow I’ve only come to expect from a live performance. “ Dick Olsher, Stereophile. “They make listening to music, any kind of music, the pure pleasure it ought to be.” Jonathan Valin, The Absolute Sound. “Never in my life have I lived with a speaker that has brought, and continues to bring, as much pleasure, excitement, and satisfaction. In short, I am madly, passionately in love with their sound, and I hereby give notice to Roger West that he is going to have a hell of a hard time prying them loose from me.” J. Gordon Holt, Stereophile. “The A-1 speaker made by Sound Lab Inc. of Park City, Utah, is the ultimate example of this most articulate of all technologies. Not only do I hear all the sounds of an orchestra, but uniquely experience its true size, from pianissimos to full power.” Bruce Surtees, Classical Music Magazine. Updated interfaces from factory: Serial Nos. A1301 and A10301. Each speaker is: 82" tall, x 39 3/4" X 10 1/2" (25" at base) and weighs around 185 lbs each with the electronics. They have casters at bottom (5 of them). There is a single shipping crate ( 90” x 56” x 46”) with total weight of 570 LBS. plus 2 BOXES for the interface electronics 24X24X20 of 86 lbs. Cashier's check or wire transfer preferred, but I will accept PayPal if the buyer pays the fees.