Cambridge AudioAzur 851D DACusedCambridge Audio Azur 851D DACLightly used unit in great condition. Includes remote, manual, cords, original shipping material. From the Cambridge Audio website: "We built the 851D using all of our hi-fi experience and ...702.00

Cambridge Audio Azur 851D DAC [Expired]

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Lightly used unit in great condition.  Includes remote, manual, cords, original shipping material.  
From the Cambridge Audio website:    "We built the 851D using all of our hi-fi experience and the highest grade of components throughout to ensure it delivers the best sound in its class. You can connect up virtually any source and then let the 851D bring it to life. All data is put through our 2nd generation Adaptive Time Filtering that upsamples everything to 24bit/384kHz hi-res quality, no matter the original source. As a result, jitter is almost completely absent, and your music sounds amazing. . . .The upsampled music then passes through Twin Analog Devices DACs (very high-end digital to analogue converters) which are implemented in a dual differential configuration meaning each channel has its own DAC to process data. The result is lifelike stereo imaging where instruments can be heard in specific parts of your room with uncanny accuracy. . . ."

From the 2014 Stereophile review:  "The Cambridge Audio Azur 851D has bang for the buck all over the place. It approached the sound of DACs costing four times as much—closely enough, I feel, to satisfy most audiophiles on a budget. . . .And the Azur 851D's Bluetooth-streaming feature surprised me with its usefulness, leading me to conclude that this $1649 DAC-preamp deserves a listen if you're looking for a high-value heart for your system and don't mind the conservative outfit."

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