Phase TechnologydArts 650newPhase Technology dArts 650DEMO system dArts 650 7.1 speaker system Digital Audio Reference Theater System - dArts Phase Technology dArts 650 surround sound system INCLUDES: 7 - Surround selectable bi/di pole spea...12500.00

Phase Technology dArts 650 [Expired]

no longer for sale

DEMO system dArts 650 7.1 speaker system 
Digital Audio Reference Theater System - dArts 

Phase Technology dArts 650 surround sound system 
INCLUDES:    7 - Surround selectable bi/di pole speakers L,C,R,SL,SR,LR,RR   12" Subwoofer
Multi channel processor & amplifier   
This listing is for a demonstration system - Phase Technology Darts DP-2,000 processor / amplifier.  200watts per channel into 14 discrete channels!  Left, Center, Right, Surround Left & Right, Rear Left & Right speakers.  System retails for over $25,000.  System has never been sold or registered, setup as demo for customer trials.  We are re-purposing our showroom and will no longer be displaying this system.  Take advantage of this amazing opportunity!  We have a Mcintosh Mx121 that drives the system now.  You will need a pre-amplifier or we can offer the MX121 (extra cost) with this system as a package.  Call us for pricing if you would like to bundle it.

This system when properly installed can eliminate any reverberation and resonance problems within your listening environment.  Speakers are all Phase matched, and built together as a bundle in Phase Tech's anechoic chamber.  
Do you have windows, a weird corner, empty space, tall ceilings, any other strange building issue that harms acoustics?  This system will fix your problems!  And sound AMAZING in any environment.  
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