GoldenEar TechnologyTriton OneusedGoldenEar Technology Triton OneThe Triton One's were originally purchased new in 2016 and have been meticulously cared for. Upon complete inspection, there is only a gentle 1-1/2" blemish on the top edge of one of the units whi...3300.00

GoldenEar Technology Triton One [Expired]

no longer for sale

The Triton One's were originally purchased new in 2016 and have been meticulously cared for.  

Upon complete inspection, there is only a gentle 1-1/2" blemish on the top edge of one of the units which is not readily visible. The gloss finish remains smooth, and is not scratched.  Mesh cover is clean, taut and snag free throughout.  

These Triton's are in exceptional condition and their audio performance is flawless.  You will be extremely pleased!  


"The Goldenear Triton is an exception.  It provides both extraordinary sound quality and value for money.  It does not fall short in a single major area of performance..."   " of the best buys in speakers I've had the chance to hear at anything like their price."   "Highly recommended."                - The Absolute Sound / 2014

"The mere fact that it is not unreasonable to compare the sound of the $4,999.98 Triton One with the sounds of speakers costing tens of thousands of dollars more per pair says a lot about the Goldenears level of performance."             - Stereophile / 2015

Included in this sale are:  (2x) Triton One towers, (8x) original speaker spikes, (1x) manual, plus..... (2x) upgraded 2-meter 'PS Audio PerfectWave AC-3' power cords. ($380 value.)  

Each original Goldenear shipping container includes a thick molded styrofoam speaker encasement which provides an extremely secure and safe environment during transit.

NOTE:  in the photos the speakers are sitting upon carpeting which I cut to match their base footprint; this allowed me to easily and safely slide them into position on my floor tiles to take photos. :-)

Speakers will be insured during shipping at no cost to buyer.

Buyer please add 3% PayPal fee.

Please note my 100% positive feedback and buy with confidence. 
Thanks for looking!   

Three-way floorstanding loudspeaker. 
Drive-units: 1.06" by 1.31" High-Velocity Folded Ribbon (HVFR) tweeter, two 5¼" midrange cones, three 5" by 9" woofers powered by an internal amplifier, four 7" by 10" passive radiators. 
Crossover frequencies: 100Hz, 3.5kHz. 
Frequency range: 14Hz–35kHz. Sensitivity: 92dB/2.83V/m. 
Nominal impedance: 8 ohms. 
Recommended amplification: 20–650Wpc. 
Built-in subwoofer amplifier: 1600W, class-D.
Dimensions: 54" (1385mm) H (with base, no spikes) by 5¾" (150mm) W front by 8" (205mm) W rear by 165/8" (425mm) D. Weight: 80 lbs (36.4kg).
Finish: Glossy piano black top with black cloth covering all other surfaces.

(Price New: $4999.98/pair.) 
Manufacturer: GoldenEar Technology, PO Box 141, Stevenson, MD 21153. Tel: (410) 998-9134. Fax: (410) 356-0808. Web:
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