SOTASatellite Series IInewSOTA Satellite Series II Turntable with Rega S202 TonearmEast End Hi-Fi are an authorized dealer for SOTA and we are selling a built to order, award winning brand new SOTA Satellite Series II turntable with the Rega S202 tonearm. It is available in nat...1900.00

SOTA Satellite Series II Turntable with Rega S202 Tonearm [Expired]

no longer for sale

East End Hi-Fi are an authorized dealer for SOTA and we are selling a built to order, award winning brand new SOTA Satellite Series II turntable with the Rega S202 tonearm.  It  is available in natural, dark or black oak, American cherry or American walnut finish. The turntable comes with a full 2 Year manufacturers warranty, and a lifetime trade-in value! And it's made in the USA!!  Included with FREE professional set-up with purchase of a cartridge & FREE Shipping (at price listed)!  

*The initial photo is an upgraded African Rosewood finish.


Here's what 10 Audio had to say: 

"The SOTA Satellite turntable with Origin Live Zephyr tonearm
handily outperforms at least one well-received competitor (VPI Classic) in its price range.
While better performance is obtainable at a higher cost, this combination
offers a very consistent sound from low bass to upper treble and makes fine
music that is always enjoyable."

Here's what's been said about the Ortofon Quintet Black:

Hi-Fi World May 2014
Reviewed by Tony Bolton

"Verdict: Superb sounding all-rounder that shows analogue at its best. Excellent value."

    "The Quintet Black is something of an audiophile bargain. It seemed to deal with any type of music that I played through it with decorum and an air of quality...
    ...It is a very good cartridge that will be a welcome addition to any hi-fi system...

    ...Very well mannered, but springhtly sounding cartridge...Very smooth midband and treble. Excellent surface noise control. Fast and fluid bass sound...
    ...The Ortofon Black undoubtedly possesses the sonic class and all-round ability of some cartridges costing significantly more."

The Quintet Black was awarded "The Best Cartridge 2014" by Hi-Fi World.

Whether it's Classical, Jazz, or other genres, the SOTA turntables, Origin Live arms, and Ortofon Cartridges perform mightily. For interested parties in the Long Island area, please visit East End Hi-Fi for a demo. We will help you transform your LP collection back into music again!!

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