Pure Audio ProjectTrio10 Mundorf-AMT usedPure Audio Project Trio10 Mundorf-AMT  Pure Audio Project Trio10 Mundorf-AMTA pair of Pure Audio Project - Trio10 Mundorf AMT, Open Baffle Speakers – with premium Mundorf CrossoversPrice $1500 – Local P/Up or delivery within 100 Miles of Santa Monica CA. Or additional $40...1500.00

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Pure Audio Project Trio10 Mundorf-AMT Pure Audio Project Trio10 Mundorf-AMT [Expired]

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A pair of Pure Audio Project - Trio10 Mundorf AMT, Open Baffle Speakers – with premium  Mundorf Crossovers

Price $1500 – Local P/Up or delivery within 100 Miles of Santa Monica CA. Or additional $400 for custom Shipping crate.
Natural Bamboo 
Trio10 MundorfAMT was carefully designed and time/phase aligned with close supervision of Mundorf Germany, world leading providers of Audiophile Crossover Components and AMT Tweeters.

With their launch at RMAF 2015, these 16.5″ (42cm) floor stand Open Baffle Speakers were nominated ‘Best in Show Open Baffle Speakers’ by AudioCircle and shortly after they made ‘StereoTimes Most Wanted Components Award 2015’ !

 Quote from AudioCircle reviewers ‘Best in Show’ nominations: “these speakers had it all – superb soundstage, perfect tonality, super open spacious sound that just destroys the walls in the room, all things that great open baffle speakers give you. But, what set this system apart was the laser like focus and lack of “misty” presentation almost every OB speaker has. Plus BASS SLAM. I know you never thought you’d see the words bass slam and Open Baffle ever uttered together. But there it is. I am an OB lover, it’s what I’ve run in my home system for years and years and so I’m a bit jaded about them. But this room raised the bar substantially over every other available OB system I’ve heard. Massive congrats to them for this achievement.”

AudioCircle, Best of RMAF

StereoTimes: “The PureAudioProject bridges the gap between pure DIY and completely hands-off prebuilt by shipping flat-packed open-baffle speakers which the buyer assembles. This results in providing drivers and crossover components at a level of quality unprecedented even at several multiples of the Trio10 MundorfAMT’s price. PureAudioProject removes the guesswork and provides the opportunity for audiophiles to be involved in creating speakers that out-perform speakers costing much more. The Trio10s accomplish with ease what many speakers struggle with, they disappear. The Trio10s present a holographic but solid soundstage and remind me a lot of planar-magnetic speakers while taking up much less space. Performance is excellent at both low and high volume levels. These small speakers can easily fill a large room. A full review will be published here soon.(Donald Shaulis)”

Read the complete StereoTimes review






·       Only 42cm wide, the Trio10 MundorfAMT plays deep, full body, crystal clear bass down to 40HZ and provides un-comparable sonic clarity and image.

·       Featuring PAP1075, a double magnet 10″ Bass/Mid Woofer designed by Morel specifically for Open Baffle

·       The PAP1075 mechanical and electrical features make it also a great performer of mids in Open Baffle

·       Top grade Mundorf AMT Tweeter AMT 23D6.1

·       Perfect time and phase alignment achieved by recessing the AMT Tweeter to an optimised position

·       Crossovers are all made by Mundorf in Germany and feat. audiophile grade components

·       Short path two and a half way  audiophile-grade crossover

·       Shipped flat packed, ready for breeze simple, tool-less self assembly

More features:

·       Size: width: 42cm, height: 115cm, depth: 27cm

·       Sensitivity: 89db

·       Impedance: 4 ohm



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