BG RadiaBohlender Graebener In ceiling Mounted Speaker Home TheaternewBG Radia Bohlender Graebner zero bezel in-ceiling speaker pr.Brand new in box (1) pair of BG Radia PD-8Ci Planar zero bezel In-Ceiling Speakers. Magnates attached grill. Originally sold for over $800 pair. Once in a lifetime purchase enables us to offer thes...370.00

BG Radia Bohlender Graebner zero bezel in-ceiling speaker pr. [Expired]

no longer for sale

Brand new in box (1) pair of BG Radia PD-8Ci Planar zero bezel In-Ceiling Speakers. Magnates attached grill. 

Originally sold for over $800 pair. Once in a lifetime purchase enables us to offer these incredible speakers at this amazing discounted price! Large inventory is going fast! 

These are new in the box speakers.BG Radia PD-8Ci zero bezel in-ceiling speakers – 8 Ohm, 88 dB/w/m150 watt program power handlingNeo3 PDR 3” ribbon tweeter 8” woven Kevlar® woofer +3 / -3 dB tweeter gain adjustment switch. Wide dispersion, great for adding Dolby Atmos surround channels! 

Exclusive patented wideband PDR planar ribbon tweeter provides an extremely wide sweet spot over the entire listening environment. The BG Radia PD-8Ci Speakers perform to listening room standards in an architectural speaker. 

Ideal for Media and Theater applications!Powerful Kevlar™ cone woofer features a rubber surround, powerful Neodymium magnet and acoustically transparent chassis for high output with low distortion. 

Easy to install Improved poly-composite frames (paintable), rust-resistant metal grills and glass-filled composite toggle clamps simplify installation BG Radia PD-8Ci Speakers:The largest, most powerful in-wall speakers in the PD Series of custom models, the BG Radia PD-8Ci Speakers are capable of filling large spaces with richly detailed, natural sound. Each PD-8Ci contains BG’s proprietary Neo3PDR planar ribbon tweeter that delivers an extremely broad, well-defined soundstage over the entire listening area. 

To add to the tweeter’s stunning dispersion and resolution, the PD-8Ci In-Ceiling speakers feature an innovative woofer with high excursion capabilities and very low distortion.This high-tech woofer design makes use of compact Neodymium magnets to provide an acoustically transparent woofer chassis which dramatically improves midrange clarity by eliminating sound reflections directly behind the woofer. 

The superior Kevlar™ (BG Radia) cone woofers used in the PD Series not only provide lifelike two-channel clarity but are also capable of achieving the extreme dynamics associated with high-performance home theater applications. 

As with the entire PD Series, the PD-8Ci is crafted from high-impact, poly-composite frames, high quality component capacitors and cross over, that are well suited for your best quality home or commercial applications.Rugged, paintable surfaces are the perfect complement for custom installations where there is zero tolerance for error and a maximum need for discrete high fidelity. 

Clean and clear with smooth, lifelike imaging. The PD-8Ci makes it not only possible but remarkably simple, to design and install these systems in virtually any high-performance In-wall application.New and in the box. BG Radia is out of business. 

Description ~ 2-way coaxial hybrid 
Dimensions: 10 11/16” diameter 
Weight: 3.3 lbs. 
Cutout size: 9 5/8” diameter 
Installed depth: 4 3/4” from surface 
Driver complement: 1 x 8” Kevlar™ cone, Neo magnet woofer / 1 x Neo3PDR planar ribbon tweeter, pivoting 
Nominal impedance: 8 ohms 
Frequency response: 50 Hz - 25 kHz (-6dB, half space) 
Power handling 150 W RMS 
Sensitivity: 88 dB/1W/1M 
Crossover frequency 2.3 kHz, passive 
Adjustments: -3 dB, 0 dB, +3 dB tweeter level adjustment 

Installation: The PD Series loudspeakers use high-quality, glass-filled, composite dog-toggle clamps for easy mounting in panel thicknesses from 3/8” - 1 7/8” 
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