High Fidelity CablesCT-1 Ultimate Reference HelixHigh Fidelity Cables CT-1 Ultimate Reference Helix Spade Sp Cables 3.5 Meter Spade*** Please understand our policies prior to bidding: No PayPal, No returns. Feel free to contact us regarding shipping & payment options. Shipping included is for USA FedEx Ground*** 3.5 ...2501.00

High Fidelity Cables CT-1 Ultimate Reference Helix Spade Sp Cables 3.5 Meter Spade

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*** Please understand our policies prior to bidding:  No PayPal, No returns.  Feel free to contact us regarding shipping & payment options.  Shipping included is for USA FedEx Ground***

3.5 Meters in length. Description:
Ultimate Reference Helix is our flagship consumer series product. These
products are for audiophiles looking for the utmost in clarity. Helix
delivers our highest level of Magnetic Conduction Technology, in a
relatively compact unit with demonstrative power.

Helix technology is the magnetic system implemented in
this series. The Helix properties are similar to the basic magnetic
techniques applied to the Pro and Pro Elite series. At the core of Helix
technology, you will find gold-plated spherical magnets. These are used
in conjunction with magnetic cylinders to center the lines of flux
within the magnetic pack. The closer these lines, the more exact the
electron flow. This phenomenon helps to greatly reduce the distortions
that arise from electron scattering. Electrons scatter for various
reasons. Typically electrons prefer to remain on the outside of the
conductor. Helix technology forces these electrons into the center of
the conductor. High Fidelity Cables designs fundamentally change the
direction of the electron itself. Electrons are forced to the middle,
instead of the outside of the conductor, unlike what is seen in a
traditional conductor. By utilizing these high-tech magnetic spheres,
Helix technology is able to even further lower distortion.

Patented Silicone damping system: Each magnetic waveguide
is floating in a viscous silicone gel. This gel works in conjunction
with the varying sizes of magnetic cylinders. The varying shape and size
of each cylinder allows for a greater surface area to be covered, and
in turn an improvement in reducing vibrations.

To give an example, the effects are much like a tightened
string between two tin cans. The tension and predetermined pathway
conduct signal more efficiently. But to clamp the string with an
external force would greatly reduce the vibrations traveling in the
string. Vibrations following the audio line can be reduced with our
Patented Technology (US Patent #9631691).

An even greater impact is made by using silicone to dampen
vibration. The silicone adheres to the face of the magnets as well as
to the sides of the magnets. Helix design by nature exposes a greater
magnet surface area for dampening while keeping a precise conduction
point. When utilizing helix spheres, almost the entire surface is
covered by the dampening system.

Alternating current has a spinning magnetic wave, caused
by the electromagnetic B-field that surrounds the wire. It spins
back-and-forth at 60 cycles per second. This causes induced vibration on
to A/C. This vibration, if not removed, follows the signal path and is
just picked up as a harmonic, not unlike the harmonics from electron
tubes, cartridges, and tonearms. By removing this distortion we can
obtain a silky smooth liquid and natural sound.

*These cables just arrived on consignment from a well known long term client and are in great condition

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