Coconut AudioTransport cables packusedCoconut Audio Transport cables pack (the best!)Get the best sound from your computer transport! In the package are: Unreal 32mm SATA cable, Megalodon 32mm SATA Ultra cable, Holy Night USB cable and Unreal SSD tweak.If you own any of the older U...25.00

Coconut Audio Transport cables pack (the best!) [Expired]

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Get the best sound from your computer transport! In the package are: Unreal 32mm SATA cable, Megalodon 32mm SATA Ultra cable, Holy Night USB cable and Unreal SSD tweak.

If you own any of the older Unreal 20mm versions you know the incredible detail reproduction they give. This 32mm version exists in a whole new level! There is so much new detail revealed it can become overwhelming.
But when you combine it with the Megalodon SATA (review below) and Holy Night USB cable you will get great synergy.

The Holy Night USB cable is best USB cable in the world beating all of our former models that were bigger. I'm selling it because I no longer use any USB devices in my system. I have had great enjoyment from this cable over the years and now it's your turn!
The Holy Night gives amazing inner detail while sounding silky smooth that draws you deeper into the music. It's very uncommon that you can get so much detail while sounding laid-back at the same time!
Holy Night USB has standard USB 2.0 wiring with Type A to Type B connectors. This wiring is resting inside the expensive H2U2 Crystal Formula which acts like an artificial ground while damping vibrations better than other USB cables on the market. On the outside we have a passive mylar shield which is connected with 99.999% silver into the piezoelectric quartz crystals inside the cable. This gives lightning quick noise transfer where any RFI/EMI is transformed into heat. This prevents your system from being infested by noise which gives a lower noise floor. This enables you to hear deeper into the music!

The Unreal SSD is the only one of its kind. It's built around an Intel 320 SSD drive with Unreal Ultra Crystal Formula around it which acts as an artificial ground. You just need to plug it in and it automatically starts cleaning noise from the motherboard. You cannot save anything to this harddrive. It pulls noise from the motherboard to itself where it's cleaned using the piezoelectric quartz crystals. It's recommended to place it resting on the bottom of the computer case which also cleans resonances in the chassis itself for double improvements, so it's two tweaks in one!


I received the long awaited and much anticipated, Megalodon SATA Ultra cable for my audio system finally. Upon opening the box I was surprised and awed by its size. It’s gigantic! The famous looking purple tree fiber is about three times larger than that of Dolphin SATA cable. The cable is also much thicker. The conduit is covered by pretty blue perforated dressing (sleeve). The cable is quite heavy as well. I got so excited to hear the sound.
Due to my hearing being unstable lately I had to keep my diet consistent so that I can have more stable hearing to obtain more accurate results in critical listening. Cable is brand new but only needed a day of use to fully break-in. To give you a little bit of background of my audio setup I have 2 Unreal Power cables powering the computer power supply and Creative EMU-0404 USB DAC. Powered speakers are equipped with White Night power cables, same for the interconnect. My system has very open, clear, naked, and crisp treble sounds with full of micro detail and space. The sound was dominated by my Unreal cables. It is utmost critical that I retain this sound character as it’s my favorite sound and is very addicting. By adding this Megalodon SATA Ultra cable I was a bit worried that it might rob a little bit of cold and naked sound as well as openness. Thankfully, it did not rob any of its beautiful Unreal sound character. It’s just as cold and open as before and is very naked.

The biggest and easiest thing I noticed was the movement of musical elements. While Unreal cables maintain their Unreal sound character the Megalodon SATA cable caused some of the musical elements to - expand -, move farther. The elements swing by me forward and deep backwards all directions. It’s like they are the fishes swimming away freely, but they are not swimming in water, they are in the air! There doesn’t seem to have resistance since no water is in your way. I experienced no muddiness or blurriness in any way. This expansion of movements in soundstage made my sound more spacious and 3 dimensional in unique ways. The depth of the music is also greater because of this. This is not the same as listening to music with large soundstage manipulated by a sound processor (DSP) that is available out there. With DSP assistance it's producing fake space dimension, giving you a sense of sound playing in very large room. But with Megalodon cable the certain elements of sound actually move forward, backward, swing left and right out of nowhere with depth and texture. This gives a sense of large soundstage naturally with realism. They are entirely two different things. This movement and expansion of sounds is so great and is so revealing in almost all of recordings I have played. I kept saying "woahhh... Oh!, woahhhhhh...... :shock:" The music also has great silkiness in the frequencies. The treble is as crisp as it can get, with liquid smoothness and crystal clarity. In other words, this is very real, beyond real, it’s a hyper sonic experience. Unreal cables made biggest improvements in sound for me for hyper detail, multiple dimensional experience through warmhole in space. Hyper crisp, silky, open, spacious, airiness, and hyper detailed. But the Megalodon SATA cable gave a nice addition to its sound, the movement and expansion of sounds. Highly recommended. $500 for a Megalodon SATA cable seems underpriced. - Cheez

Shipping is done via First Class Airmail and takes approximately 1 week inside Europe and 1-5 weeks worldwide. I recommend you buy before Christmas to avoid any delays.

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