Bybee TechnologiesGolden GoddessusedBybee Technologies Golden Goddess XLR Interconnect TailsWe have one lightly used pair of Bybee Golden Goddess XLR Interconnect Tails in excellent condition. For more info, please email Steven or phone 404-373-4279. High end au...800.00

Bybee Technologies Golden Goddess XLR Interconnect Tails [Expired]

no longer for sale

We have one lightly used pair of Bybee Golden Goddess XLR Interconnect Tails in excellent condition.  For more info, please email Steven or phone 404-373-4279.  High end audio and accessories from Zesto, DeVore Fidelity, Bel Canto, EMM Labs, MoFi and much more.

Supplied as a set of two tails, suitable for one pair of XLR balanced cables (left and right).

A single pair connected to the downstream end of your balanced interconnect delivers a sonic improvement. Each pair of Golden Goddess XLR Interconnect Tails contains a total of six Slipstream purifiers as well as the gold and silver conductors described below.


The new Bybee Slipstream Golden Goddess product family represents the culmination of decades of research and development by physicist Jack Bybee, the inventor of the Bybee Quantum Purifier. Over the past couple of years, the new-millennium Slipstream purifier based on carbon fiber and nanotechnology has taken the elimination of quantum mechanical noise (i.e., noise occurring outside of the audible range but still adversely affecting audio and video reproduction) to unprecedented levels. Eichmann RCA plugs, banana plugs and 5-way binding posts, and ERS “Stealth” carbon fiber damping and shielding material, ensure sonically superior connectivity. And finally, new ultra-flexible expanded Teflon (ePTFE) functions as essentially an air dielectric for the conductors, virtually eliminating capacitance. Those elements combined to make the sonics of the original Bybee Slipstream accessories and cables dramatically open, spacious and tonally pure.

Jack Bybee has now added to those materials and construction techniques the uniquely natural sonic properties of 14 K gold for the signal (+) legs of these new products. After extensive measurements and listening tests, he has chosen to complement the gold (+) conductors with high-purity silver ribbon for the (-) conductors. This silver wire has lower measurable resistance than either gold or copper wire, and the gold (+) / silver (-) combination has proven to deliver the most balanced, neutral and harmonically complete performance. These Golden Goddess products are the best accessories and cables Jack Bybee has ever produced.

 From Positive Feedback:  Almost every time I used the Golden Goddess filters, I heard more definition and less grunge. Textural cues were not harmed, and were usually enhanced.