Totem AcousticTribe TowerusedTotem Acoustic Tribe Tower Pair Floor standing SpeakerPurchased in August 2018. I am the first owner. Includes the original box/packaging. Non-smoking home. 9/10 condition. Truly an excellent piece. Sad to see it go, but must downsize. Beauty and Powe...2765.00

Totem Acoustic Tribe Tower Pair Floor standing Speaker [Expired]

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Purchased in August 2018. I am the first owner. Includes the original box/packaging. Non-smoking home. 9/10 condition. Truly an excellent piece. Sad to see it go, but must downsize.

Beauty and Power

Conventional wisdom tells us beauty and power are doomed to mutual exclusivity. But Totem Acoustic does not make conventional speakers, nor follow pre-existing beliefs. The Tribe Tower disproves these old adages, presenting a slim, seductive form that belies its formidable, compelling ability.

The Tribe Tower represents the culmination of wisdom acquired through the research and development of the award-winning Tribe and Element series. Packing revolutionary Torrent technology into a striking cabinet, it has the performance, versatility, and style that appeals to the audiophile and designer in all of us.

They musically energize a room and bring every sound to vivid, three-dimensional life, from the subtlest whisper to complex symphonies. Satin Black and White finishes are equipped with twin pairs of gold plated terminals while premium Dusk and Ice multi coat polyester paint finishes have Bi-Wireable WBT connectors and annealed aluminum terminal plates.

Design features

  • Unique geometric design with no parallel surfaces
  • Remarkably small footprint and overall cabinet enclosure
  • Phase perfected rake angle
  • Matching magnetic grills
  • Adjustable aluminum, rounded acoustic decoupling

Technical features

  • 4-inch proprietary Torrent hand built drivers with revolutionary magnetic field technology
  • No active or passive crossover in the low frequency path
  • Revolutionary magnetic field technology
  • Laser etched textile dome tweeter with ½ inch thick metal faceplate
  • Annealed Aluminum rear terminal plates and Bi-Wireable WBT 4 way connectors
  • Industry unique Borosilicate dampening


Frequency Response30 Hz - 30 kHzRecommended Power50 - 200 WWooferTwo 4" / 10 cm Torrent driversTweeter1.3" / 3.3 cm Laser Etched Textile Soft Dome with 0.5" / 1.3 cm thick metal faceplateImpedance4 ohmsSensitivity89 dBDimensions (w x h x d)7.01" x 36.81" x 7.87" / 17.8 cm x 93.5 cm x 20 cm
Dimensions represent the cabinet, decouplers can add 0.78" / 2 cmPlacement from rear wallAs little as 6" / 15.24 cm, but varies based on electronics and room acousticsPlacement distance apartAs little as 2' / 60 cm, but varies based on electronics and room acousticsBreak-in Time200 - 300 hoursCrossover FrequencyFirst order crossover on tweeter onlySpeaker TerminalsBi-wireable, WBT connectors with Annealed aluminum plate on Design finishes, recessed 5 way bi-wire inputs on satin finishes.

The speakers require several hours of actual music playing time as a minimal break-in period. During this time, refrain from playing them at very loud levels. You will notice a definite gradual improvement in the cohesiveness of the music reproduction as this occurs.

It is only through the support of advocates such as yourself that true sound can be promoted...

From Stereophile:

Totem Acoustic has always impressed me with their ability to get big sound from small boxes, but never more so than when I listened to the Tribe Tower ($US5300/pair) at this year's TAVES. Designer Vince Bruzzese has surpassed even his own high standards here. My first impression, before I heard the speakers, was that this is a "lifestyle" product: stylish in a modern way, with a small footprint that allows it to blend into most home environments. Almost by definition, sound quality is not top priority with lifestyle products…

And then Vince played some music. I don't remember what it was—some kind of pop vocal—but the sound! Fast, articulate, a huge soundstage, with bass that was hard to credit to a pair of 4" woofers. These woofers are something special: hand made by Totem, a proprietary "Torrent" design, they require no crossover, and yet are said to produce phase linearity when combined with a 1.3" soft-dome tweeter in a resonance-controlling metal faceplate that extends the response to 30kHz. The system at TAVES was more lifestyle than audiophile in its associated components: a 60wPC Naim integrated amp, iPad source, and $6/foot speaker cable. Having heard some impressive, cost-no-object audiophile systems at TAVES, I returned to the Totem room to listen to the Tribe Tower, and continued to marvel at the power and sheer musicality of this system.

If this is a lifestyle product, then I have to say, "This is the life!"


From Absolute Sound

Totem Acoustic Tribe Tower
The European premier of these small-footprint floorstanders ($5350/pr.) caught my attention with their wide soundstage and precise imaging, encompassing and articulate bass, and clarity and speed on transients. They were driven by modest VTL electronics (ST-150 amp and 2.5 preamp) and a YBA Signature CD player connected by Straight Wire cables. This was a candidate for best sound for the money.

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