VPI IndustriesTNT-2usedVPI Industries TNT-2 - W/ Eminent Technology Air-Bearing TonearmVPI's TNT-2 was an updated and refined version of the popular TNT table. The pulleys were oversized and use higher precision bearings with tolerances that were tighter than previous models. The p...2380.00

VPI Industries TNT-2 - W/ Eminent Technology Air-Bearing Tonearm [Expired]

no longer for sale

VPI's TNT-2 was an updated and refined version of the popular TNT table.  The pulleys were oversized and use higher precision bearings with tolerances that were tighter than previous models.  The platter and pulleys could now run 2 or 3 belts rather than 1.  In addition, the base motor “T” assembly that rested under the table was changed to single solid acrylic piece rather than 2 pieces as it was in the original TNT.  This made the motor/pulley assembly more rigid and minimized unwanted vibration.

One of the ideas behind the upgrades was to take advantage of the newly designed linear tracking, air-bearing tonearms from Eminent Technology.  The larger tonearm board, very stable suspension, and the counter torque pulleys all contributed to ultra-precision tracking capability.

​The chassis is made from two layers of 1” black acrylic chemically welded together.  The motor is the Hurst 600 RPM AC Motor driven by a PLC  (power line conditioner) power supply to set the speed accurately.  Each of the suspension towers can be leveled independently by turning the upper support.

​Included with this table is an installed Van Den Hul ONE cartridge ($1849 new ).  VPI's PLC Quartz Microprocessor Line Conditioner / Speed Stabilizer, VPI's original hi-output air pump, an installed Eminent Technology Model 2 air-bearing, linear tracking tonearm assembly, new air-hose, air filter, 3 belts, set-up manual, original box and all turntable components including a granite base plate and custom dust cover assembly.  

The motor runs smoothly and quietly.  The Air-pump runs quietly and the tonearm operates butter smooth.  Overall the table is in good condition, but this is not a first-time table buyers turntable.  With a little experience and set-up knowledge, this table would make a beautiful addition to a hi-end system.

It was a trade-in table from a local customer.  The cartridge hours are unknown.


  • 2" Thick solid plinth
  • Machined aluminum plinth support columns
  • 4X Independant suspension supports - all machined aluminum
  • Machined, mass-loaded aluminum platter (16 Lbs)
  • Cork damped platter belly
  • Precision running bearings
  • Record clamp
  • Hi-output, quiet air-pump
  • Eminent Technologies Model 2 Air-bearing, linear tracking tonearm assembly
  • Hurst 600 RPM AC drive motor
  • PLC Microprocessor line conditioner / speed stabilizer
  • Van Den Hun ONE Cartridge - w/ Needle cover


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