PhisonPD2SE/A2.120SEusedPhison PD2SE/A2.120SE Dac/AmpPrice of $6K is per unit!! SOTA dac/preamp out of Denmark. It is fully modular with 100% discrete class A gain stages without opamps in the signal path. The gain stages themselves are SOTA di...6000.00

Phison PD2SE/A2.120SE Dac/Amp [Expired]

no longer for sale

Price of $6K is per unit!!

SOTA dac/preamp out of Denmark. It is fully modular with 100% discrete class A gain stages without opamps in the signal path. The gain stages themselves are SOTA discrete class A Jfet folded cascodes coupled to discrete servo's. The PCB's are of the highest quality stitched together with 2 separate copper ground planes. He has patented a technique called "virtual grounding" to eliminate ground loops.The discrete gain stages and servo's are on modular boards that makes it future proof. If a new DAC upgrade comes out, you merely replace the board. Furthermore, the DAC output stage/discrete DSD filter board is modular and separate.

The DAC section features ultra low noise crystals from Crystek, but also galvanic isolation of the USB port (which is rare in hi end digital regardless of price point) and reclocking of DAC data enabling deep dark background while keeping focus on the soundstage. The digital board is board is optimized for DSD and features a bypass function on the chip itself to allow for "filterless" DSD performance when using upsampling software such as HQPlayer similar to Lampizator.

The chassis is milled aluminum and is top notch. The engineering brothers behind Phison (Sonny and Phillip Anderson) have been behind a lot of OEM work including most recently AAVIK. The parts quality and engineering are top notch. Think Vitus on steroids. As an added bonus, it has a superb phono stage for those still spinning vinyl like myself. The only reason I am selling is an impending move and downsizing of my entire system. The associated Phison amp is also for sale and I actually would like to sell them as a pair if possible. They both have fully balanced circuitry and work very well together.

Here is a recent review of the Phison stack in German:

This Dac has the newest boards thus SE

Superb SS amplifier out of Denmark designed by an engineer and electronics guru who is behind a lot of OEM work out of Scandinavia and Europe, Sonny Anderson. All the gain stages are “single gain stage” technology which makes them fast and stable. All nonlinear distortion components in the amplifiers are minimized by the use of “linearizer blocks”. The gain stages are JFET folded cascades and these gain blocks use the right blend of Jfets and Bipolar devices. The right blend gives combined with “Single gain stage” and our “linearizer blocks” maximum transparency and pitch black background at any volume level not only in the midrange but also in the highs and bass range.

The A2.120 power amplifier is based on the same gain stages as PD2 preamplifier (also for sale) making the sound signature identical to the PD2 preamplifier and outstanding synergy. The power supply is a high quality linear variety. SMPS were avoided as the bass performance from the amplifier was inferior to the linear power supply. Like the PD2, the interior is module based to allow for future upgradeability.

The aesthetics of the case is timeless with clean "Scandinavian" lines, both in the interior as well in the exterior and is machined from a solid block of aluminum. There is no thin, chinese steel used here. 

IMO, Phison makes some of the finest SS gear around on par with or honestly superior to Vitus, D'Agostino, Clayton, Plinius, Rowland, Pass Labs, etc. It is the best SS I have owned and I am selling simply due to an impending move and downsizing. My entire system is for sale at this time. I do recommend buying this amp along with the matching PD2 DAC/Preamp to optimize performance, and I can offer both pieces at a discount if purchased together. Here is a recent review (in German) which describes the combination well:


2x120Watt into 8 Ohm load 
Bridgeable to 300Watt into 8Ohm load 
Powersupply : 1KVA 
Output current capability : 60Apeak 
Bandwidth: 1Hz – 330KHz 
Inputs: RCA and XLR 
Weight: 26Kg 
Size: 440x140x350mm 
7 output transistor pairs per channel 
No global feedback loop. 
Frontend: JFET folded cascade 
Outputstage: Current feedback design

Amp has newest boards thus SE

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