TechnicsSL-1210M5GusedTechnics SL-1210M5G Audiophile Custom Build***per feedback on my attached cellphone pics, I’m changing the condition to 9.5/10 as this is not “new out of the box, but instead a custom rebuild and upgrade of an already perfect table. The pa...3000.00

Technics SL-1210M5G Audiophile Custom Build [Expired]

no longer for sale

***per feedback on my attached cellphone pics, I’m changing the condition to 9.5/10 as this is not “new out of the box, but instead a custom rebuild and upgrade of an already perfect table.  The paintwork, custom butyons and other componets are all machined aluminum parts replacing plastic parts and are all tighter and better looking installed (hand fit and aligned).  The installation of internal parts included trchnician at respected stereo repair shop going over boards, connections and other componets and testing them due to age (not wear).  If the pics do not look like it’s a 10/10, it’s only because of my cellphone pics, in person you can not find a single fault and fit/finish exceeds the original from the factory!
This is a custom built Technics SL-1210M5g turntable.  It is perfect and the only reason I'm selling is that I've upgraded to a matching McIntosh table that fits in better with my whole system and I just don't have room to keep 3 total tables.  This started as a low-hour back-up table that had sat in my storage for many years.  It was used purely for listening to vinyl, never used for professional use, DJ's, scratching, etc.  The M5G was a special edition deck focused on audiophiles and not the usual professional use of previous MK models.  It had maybe 50-100 total hours on it before this build started.
In 2017, while building a dedicated 2 channel system, I decided to upgrade it to match the performance of the rest of the system in the room.  To say this is going to be the nicest 1200 you ever see is an understatement.  The only mod I stopped short of doing was a tone-arm replacement, and that's only because I had yet to decide which arm would work best (was leaning towards the Origin Live Silver but was waiting to hear it in a demo first).  The stock M5G model already has an upgraded tone-arm and wiring from the factory over previous MK models and I have no complaints with the sound or performance...but I'm not one to leave well enough alone, lol.  Goodguys stereo in Horsham, PA did the initial inspection of the boards and soldering of new mods in place.  This build was finished October 2018 (the custom RCA box from Transparent took the longest and required 2 mailings back to them for adjustments for the cabling to fit perfect).  There is under 20 hours of testing to confirm funtion of everything and performance of components.  This is bettervthan original performance specs and fit/finish.  Although it’s built on a used excellent condition table, it was restored to better than new specs and is truelyva 10/10 when looking at it in person!
A perfectly fine 1210m5g was disassembled and the following mods were made:    
Audio Upgrades:
  • Mike New solid brass bearing assembly upgrade ($1000)
  • Timestep HE III PSU, black anodized external housing, this removed the internal power supply & significantly lowered the noise floor of the deck overall. ($700)
  • Transparent Audio RCA termination block, custom made by Transparent and soldered to PCBoard, Gold plated RCA posts are mounted to rear of deck, Super level wires used, allows you to use your own RCA cables! To me the biggest PITA with the 1200's is the cheap factory cables attached to the body.  Now, the wiring has been upgraded and you have an attached RCA plate so you can use cables of your choice ($500)
  • Isonoe Isolation Feet, silver ($100)
  • Herbies Way Excellent II 4mm mat ($75)

Cosmetic Upgrades:

  • Mercedes-Benz 010 black paint w/silver metallic flakes, 3 layers of clear.  Mimics the stop speckled black paint but with a lot more "pop".  Paintjob was done by MB official automotive paint shop.  Original M5g was a special edition bkack with micro silver flecks, we chose a “blacker” black and added House of Chrome large silver flakes for more pop.  It’s still tasteful yet really makes the top of the deck pop.  Original was stripped, prepped, primed, then 2 layers of black, 1 clear w/flakes, 2 clear ontop, then a final clear spray over the decals. ($750)
  • Silver metallic lettering reproduced in original font/size and applied UNDER last layer of clear coat
  • LED light replacements; red power light, blue cue light ($50)
  • Anodized black aluminum buttons installed across the top deck ($100)
  • Anodized black aluminum cue light housing and new assembly
  • Red anodized aluminum power button ($25)
  • Knurled black anodized aluminum tone-arm lift levers ($25)
  • Pitch control unit reconditioned, polished top, new blue & green LED lights, black anodized aluminum control knob ($100)
  • New MK2 removable lid hinge assembly installed (m5g has no hinges and only rested ontop), new OEM acrylic cover was installed, new rubber ($250)

Not Pictured but included:

  • Original Technics OEM M5g headshell with counterweight
  • Original (unused) Technics OEM rubber mat
  • All the removed parts (bearing, buttons, power supply, feet, etc)

Pictured here but not included (available for additional purchase)

  • Ortofon Quintet Black S MC Cartridge, Nude Shibata diamond stylus, Saphire cantilever ($1000)
  • Ortofon LH8000 Headshell ($180)
  • Ortofon LW800S Headshell Leads ($80)

*The Transparent RCA cables and Transparent Power Cables in the pics are NOT included.  You can use the cables of your choice.

I have a little over $3,000 in all the mods (not to mention time), in addition to the value of the table itself ($1500-$2000 for a perfect M5G).  With only the stock Technics M5G headshell, I'm asking $3000.  With the Ortofon headshell/cartridge set-up I'm asking $4,000 (it's currently set-up with this kit).

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