LuxmanM900UusedLuxman M900U amp and C900U preamp matching setLuxman C900u Pre-Amplifier & M900u Amplifier set For sale are the legendary Luxman C900u Pre-Amplifier and M900u Amplifier pair. Seldom seen for sale as people who buy these keep these. This i...17600.00

Luxman M900U amp and C900U preamp matching set [Expired]

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Luxman C900u Pre-Amplifier & M900u Amplifier set

For sale are the legendary Luxman C900u Pre-Amplifier and M900u Amplifier pair. Seldom seen for sale as people who buy these keep these. This is the best pre-amp and amp I’ve ever heard. I have two sets (2 pre-amps and 3 amps). I am selling one set (1 pre-amp and 1 amp) as I don’t use my second system much. I intend to keep my other set in my primary system for many years to come as their performance is outstanding in every way. The amp outputs 300W+300W into the 4 Ohms speakers I have. (The M900u is rated 150W+150W into 8 Ohms, but I’m confident it is much more than that.)  When driving 4 Ohms they output 24W+24W of pure class A. Virtually 100% of my listening occurs within that 24 watts.

I rated them 7/10 as the preamp has a small mark on the faceplate and the amp has a couple of small scratches.  See pictures. The marks are only noticeable if you are looking closely at the units.  Otherwise the units are perfect - like brand new - absolutely no signs of wear.

I bought the units 3 years ago.  The selling price was $19,900 for each unit (~$39,800 total).  I’m asking $17,600 for the pair.   

The sound is OUTSTANDING in every dimension.  The soundstage, pinpoint imagining, tonal smoothness, bass depth and tightness, airiness of the highs are all unbelievably impressive.  Also, the fit and finish is impeccable. I especially like the air vents on the amp top.  The machined aluminum has such a high quality, expensive look to it. See Doug Schneider reviews below as they pretty much match my thoughts. 

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Here’s some excerpts of great reviews written by Doug Schneider.  Links to the full reviews are below.

Luxman M-900u Amplifier

… Luxman’s M-900u ($19,900 USD) is the companion model to the identically priced, similarly styled C-900u preamplifier, which I reviewed in November. Not surprising, the two models feature the same build quality: top shelf, even in comparison to products two or three times the price. For instance, the M-900u's front panel is about 1/2” thick, and the sides, top, and rear are about 1/4" thick; this makes it as sturdy as anything out there, and contributes to its weight of 106 pounds. It’s dense as hell. The metalwork has perfect joins, and is impeccably finished in gorgeous shades of gray.

… On my longtime test disc for soundstaging and imaging, Ennio Morricone’s score for the film The Mission (16/44.1 FLAC, Virgin), the chorus occupied a cavernous space larger than I’d ever heard before, but was also more sharply defined than I’d ever heard -- placements of individual voices in three-dimensional space were pinpoint accurate.

… Soundstaging and imaging weren’t the M-900u’s only strengths. The Luxman’s tonal balance was magic to my ears, … the M-900u was as neutral as you’d expect a topflight solid-state amp to sound, and without the clinical or sterile quality that plagues some solid-state gear. The bass was full and rich in a way that added heft, but was also tight, deep, and forceful; the midrange was wickedly detailed and transparent, with a smooth, silky quality akin to that of a great tube design, yet with none of the colorations normally associated with tubes; and the highs were airy beyond belief.

… The M-900u’s pure, effortless top end reproduced cymbals with such clarity that it set a new benchmark for me for high-frequency reproduction and detail. At the other end of the audioband, it reproduced kick drums with the power, heft, and control usually heard only from amps with twice the power output. This only confirmed for me that, despite its modest output spec into 8 ohms, the M-900u is actually a powerhouse.

… The ultra-low-frequency rumbling that occur throughout “Mining for Gold,” from the Cowboy Junkies’ The Trinity Session (16/44.1 FLAC, RCA), were as deep and detailed as I’ve heard.

… The rest of the world need know only that the Luxman M-900u is one of the best-built, finest-sounding amplifiers you can buy, and the ideal companion for Luxman’s outstanding C-900u preamplifier.

… The M-900u is the best-sounding power amp I’ve ever heard. While its price of $19,900 might seem high if you look only at the specs, it isn’t when you examine how the M-900u is built, or -- especially -- when you listen to it. The M-900u is one of the best values in high-end amplifiers.

. . . Doug Schneider


Luxman C-900u Preamplifier

…The C-900u displayed the best combination of smoothness, neutrality, detail, transparency, and spaciousness that I’ve heard from any preamplifier, tubed or solid-state.

… the kind of depth the C-900u could provide was nothing short of the state of the art.

… When it came to the frequency extremes, I applauded the C-900u’s ultradeep, tight, visceral bass, but was bowled over by how extended, effortless, and airy its highs were -- light as feathers. I also liked that, in my system, the C-900u’s sound combined state-of-the-art neutrality, detail, and transparency with what some call soul.

… At this point in most of my reviews, I try to balance a product’s strengths with its deficiencies -- but I found no deficiencies in the Luxman C-900u. Music flowed from it in such a smooth, cohesive, natural way that the best thing to do is not criticize it, but highlight the one word that sums up its sound: faultless.

… I absolutely loved the Luxman C-900u. In my estimation, it’s a preamp for the ages -- and perhaps in a decade or two, it will have proven to be another classic from Luxman that will still be outperforming whatever’s new in 2024 or 2034.

. . . Doug Schneider

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