Garrard 301 Statement Macassar Ebony by Artisan Fidelity newGarrard 301 Statement  Macassar Ebony by Artisan Fidelity  Ikeda IT-407Dagogo Review Quotes by Jack Roberts - "Alive, Energetic, Dynamic" "Bowed strings are a big test for any system. With the Statement my system played bowed strings with the sweetness and air of real...28095.00

Garrard 301 Statement Macassar Ebony by Artisan Fidelity Ikeda IT-407 [Expired]

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Dagogo Review Quotes by Jack Roberts - "Alive, Energetic, Dynamic"

"Bowed strings are a big test for any system. With the Statement my
system played bowed strings with the sweetness and air of real life."

"Is the Artisan Fidelity even in the same league with tables like a Shindo, AMG, Clearaudio and other world class turntables?  The answer is simple, yes indeed.  It matches or surpasses any of these tables in build quality, beauty and most of all the way it plays music."

"Plucked strings like guitars, basses and harps sounded very natural
and full. On these instruments, the Statement allowed me to first hear
the leading edge that sounded fast, quick, and dynamic. After that I
could hear the decay and air inside and around the instrument. This
table allowed my system to reproduce both acoustical and electric bass
instruments with incredible impact as well as a fundamental rightness."

The 12th Annual Positive Feedback Writers’ Choice Awards for 2015 – The Best of the Best! 

Positive Feedback Online AXPONA 2018 Show Report

Garrard 301 Statement, latest version Macassar Ebony, sngle tonearm configuration by Artisan Fidelity featuring the world’s first modular inverted precision bearing and platter based architecture.  Stillpoints Ultra 5’s set and Ikeda IT-407 tonearm (12”) displayed included with package.  Individually hand crafted and precision machined to order.  Please email [email protected] or call 219.933.8115 for current lead times.  Designed strictly for the ultimate analog playback capability derived from the renowned English engineered classic idler drive platform. A fundamental approach in lowering center of gravity, achieving increased resolution in addition to drastic reductions in noise and friction is achievable through an inverted type bearing and platter design. Modern echelon level analog playback front ends routinely feature such bearing topologies for these reasons. Additionally, the flywheel affect has been improved, as a result speed consistency throughout solidifies. Although our previous conventional Garrard 301 Statement bearing design was a radical departure and subsequent drastic improvement from stock offerings, the inverted bearing and modular platter design takes the resolution, noise floor and channel separation to a whole other level. Each set of inverted bearing and modular platters are cnc milled using solely state of the art milling machines, designed in collaboration with tribology and hydrodynamics consultants from Purdue University Department of Engineering.  Stillpoints Ultra 5 active isolation devices included.

By employing a modular platter architecture, the user may contour the playback characteristics of the Garrard 301 Statement to a degree as each upper material selection will allow for a slightly different presentation. Material selections available: Copper alloy, Magnesium, 7075 Aluminum, Inox Stainless Steel. Please consult me directly for an explanation of unique playback    differences between the various alloy selections.

Elimination of stock factory Garrard idler wheel constitutes another engineered design model enhancement.  We have developed a state of the art, precision cnc machined austenitic steel idler wheel with cnc ground center pin measuring zero run-out, physical surface running edge consists of a molded rubber composite.  The diameter of the Statement idler wheel matched factory English Garrard specifications to within "0.002.  The result translates immediately during first listen, increased clarity, focus and inner resolution across the audible frequency spectrum.  In addition to a modern idler wheel design, we have also opted to replace the factory motor spindle pulley with precision cnc machined Marine Brass and Austentic Steel motor pulley variants.  Again, through the application of computer aided design, drafting and automation in conjunction with superior metal alloy selections, we were able to achieve superior playback results over stock pulleys.  Latest Garrard 301 Statement models (*) additionally feature state of the art, cnc machined Eddy Current Brake Discs fabricated from a solid billet of heat treated, aircraft grade 6061-T651 aluminum.  The precision tolerances allow a sheer, slip fit over existing factory Garrard 301 motor spindles with no additional slop, or play.  The design ensures accuracy during playback, minimizing any residual wobble and consequential vibrations from propagating through the flywheel, motor and mechanical facilities.  

  Garrard 301 Statement CNC milling demonstration

Artisan Fidelity Statement series plinths exhibit natural tonality in conjunction with superb timbre, coupled with a weighty, rich musical presentation.  In short, the most musical, natural sound we have yet to hear.  Aside from sharing base design architecture and remaining factory parts restoration procedures, this platform employs proprietary, resonant tuned by ear premium, hand selected tonewood, layered hardwood and composite based high mass plinths in conjunction with numerous proprietary, state-of-the-art computerized numerical control machined precision critical high tolerance parts and premium internal wiring which represent a vast upgrade in both playback capabilities, lower noise floor, increased resolution, technical quality and integrity over stock vintage factory components.  Integrated Stillpoints isolation devices are employed in Statement models for further resonance control and for management of undesirable system based acoustic feedback and environmental based airborne vibrations including equipment related intermodulation distortion. 

During the 11 + year production cycle of the English Garrard 301 Transcription turntable, the company opted to employ a cast type aluminum based alloy primary chassis plate featuring many physical coves and recesses.  From the manufacturers standpoint, this design proved both a cost effective and fairly consistent part to reproduce in quantity.  However, using a plain variable casting process such as this means certain structural inconsistencies are simply unavoidable.  Over time, these chassis plates may exhibit structural cracking and were known for notorious inconsistencies, primary weak spots in many cases resulting in severe degradation of playback.  To remedy this critical engineering weakness and design compromise, we have developed a state-of-the-art heat treated, solid aircraft aluminum alloy based chassis plate possessing tremendous structural rigidity, zero internal structural voids and ultra high precision measured tolerances (*).  To accompany the improved billet chassis plates, we have designed proprietary motor mounts and ancillary linkage parts, tested and tuned for optimal playback characteristics and integrity.  The superior audible playback characteristics gained through the precision chassis plates results in clarity never before imagined with this legendary transcription design.  (*Denotes V.2 chassis version - V.1 series chassis upgradeable.)  

Garrard 301 Statement Chassis CNC Milling Production Video -

Using solely the fundamental mechanical design architecture and re engineering a classic transcription turntable like the Garrard 301 requires extraordinary skill, dedication, painstaking attention to details and a level of passion few will ever realize. Our level of commitment is unsurpassed in the area of transforming classic analog playback instruments which have easily stood the test of time into analog record playback devices for the modern era designed to perform at a reference level, in any arena. A small, highly skilled and dedicated team of mechanical engineers, master woodworkers, designers, finishers, visionaries and artisans are who we are, producing the worlds finest modern classics, hand crafted, individually tuned by ear and precision engineered to last a lifetime. The word masterpiece truly defines the quality and musicality of our reference Garrard plinth, which is a feast for both the eyes and the ears. After over a year in the Garrard 301 plinth prototyping phases, we arrived at the place we are today which once not far in the past, was only several hand drawn sketches, a concept and a dream. Our small, highly skilled team of third generation master woodworkers, precision machinists and my own individual creative design concepts made the dream possible and the results, well, the results are nothing short of magnificent.

Garrard 301 Statement by Artisan Fidelity
Featuring the World’s First Inverted Modular Bearing and Platter based Architecture
Individually hand and precision machined analog playback masterpieces
Designed with passion, engineered with precision.

Please note:  Each model remains individually fabricated to order, please contact us directly for production lead times, donor stock Garrard 301 models are available and in stock.

Christopher Thornton
Artisan Fidelity
[email protected]

Client Testimonial:

"Hi All,

So had analog nutcase friend over for 4 hours Sunday to sort out what’s going on with that Artisan Fidelity Garrard 301 with 12" Ikeda was sounding so much better than Origin Live Sovereign with 9" Enterprise arm. Both have Ortofon Anna cartridges. We mounted the Enterprise on AF Garrard to see how it would compare to Ikeda using same phono cable and again, Anna. No comparison, the Ikeda setup killed it. We figured no way could be that much difference in tonearms. So, swapped Anna’s and.... suddenly Enterprise sounded every bit, err groovy, as Ikeda and Ikeda went ’south’.  Hmmm, turns out one Anna was way off in sound and is going back to Ortofon.  Note: we had done a quick cartridge comparison about two months ago and both Anna’s were in same league then, though we didn’t do near as precise comparisons as yesterday. So, ok found out the arms are practically interchangeable sonically (more time would no doubt reveal differences but on whole near enough) - bigger difference between Ikeda tonearm cable and Valhalla 2 than the arms actually. Go figure.  So, how about the tables then?  Put Enterprise arm back on Sovereign table with good Anna and.... far better than it was of course but still not the drive, dynamics or body of Garrard. We did numerous swap around’s, remember we spent over 4 hours on all this. Bottom line: Sovereign is wonderful at 40% the price of Garrard and superb but have to give it to the Statement Garrard, it does what the hype is about. Note; Ikeda alignment is flawed. They first state 295 spindle to pivot now, after I drilled armboard they say use 299  and in order to use Baerwald (I can’t spell but you know what I mean) I had to twist cartridge in headshell which doesn’t look great. But we did get Ikeda aligned correctly using 295. Fit and finish of Ikeda is impeccable amazing Japanese and well beyond Origin Live and it has detachable headshell.  It also is lacking alignment jig and no wonder; the company can’t supply one as they can’t decide how to align it. Also, it’s stainless steel and effective mass is near 25 grams so while Anna is fine in it, forget Lyra’s and many other cartridges. Origin, while not near finish is still superb looking and much more versatile cartridge wise plus no doubt in 12" version for $500 extra would have gained a little in performance. Enterprise’s modern look doesn’t match Classic look of Garrard though and Ikeda looks positively amazing on it. But for most tables, I’d take OL which is terrific looking on any modern table. Outcome: it’s an easy choice for Garrard Statement regardless of arm and what I’ll be listening to daily."

Jay, California 

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