DR AcousticsSilver Fire GTX NCFusedDR Acoustics Silver Fire GTX NCF Great Buy!Very nice power strip featuring Furutech NCF Receptacles. Great value. Great condition. Normal usage related marks on the top plate. Will package safely in original boxes. This power strip pai...1500.00

DR Acoustics Silver Fire GTX NCF Great Buy! [Expired]

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Very nice power strip featuring Furutech NCF Receptacles.  Great value.  Great condition.  Normal usage related marks on the top plate.  Will package safely in original boxes.  This power strip pairs very well with the red moon ultra power cable I have listed separately!
  • Solid aluminium chassis

  • DR Acoustics Quartz anti resonant system.

  • Solid shielding system for EMI/RFI

  • Receptacles Cavities encapsulation.

  • Rhodium plated Furutech GTX-D NCF(R) Receptacles

  • High performance FI-06 NCF(R) inlet.

  • Double shielding system for EMI/RFI

  • Cryogenic internal wiring

  • No filtration system

  • Dimensions W (33cm) X D (13cm) X H( 9cm)

  • Weight 3 kg

  • rated 15A 125V
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