Darwin Cables...Truth II IC...usedDarwin Cables... Truth II IC... GAME CHANGERS!There’s a reason Darwin Cables have replaced entire systems of cables costing 15-18 times the price. No guess factor here. You hear the transformation immediately. We recently heard from Tim Patche...895.00

Darwin Cables... Truth II IC... GAME CHANGERS! [Expired]

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There’s a reason Darwin Cables have replaced entire systems of cables costing 15-18 times the price. No guess factor here. You hear the transformation immediately. 

We recently heard from Tim Patchett: 

“Just wanted to thank you for the Truth II RCA ICs. I should never have hesitated on buying them. They are the most resolving and coherent cables I have heard in my system. After breaking in with playing just music and the occasional test CD my speakers have basically disappeared and been replaced with a soundstage that’s limited by the recording and my room, and not much else.

“It’s almost holographic in it’s presentation and definitely 3D as the depth, layering, separation, decay and ambience are of another world compared to what I had before. Impact and dynamics are up as well which all contribute to that “you are there” or “they are here” or whatever audiophile terminology one cares to use. 

“People always try to justify on limiting their funds when it comes to cables and that is where their systems need it the most: that last final touch. What good is it having great components if they’re limited with modest cabling? I could never wrap my head around that one. There must be a lot of tin ears in this hobby, and you don’t need golden ears to hear what your cables can do for one’s system."

Also, here’s an excerpted review from Andre Marc for Audio Video Revolution. He used two 1M pairs of the Truth II XLR cable (MSRP $1195), a 1M pair of the Truth II RCA cables (MSRP $1095), and two Truth II Black PC cables (MSRP $1295).

“Tony Bender and Bill Magerman, the principles of Darwin Cable are among the most passionate audiophiles and cable designers I have dealt with, and the products are made in the U.S.A with careful selection of materials and some distinct design goals. Among these design goals are the use of solid core silver wire, the use of cryogenics, low mass connectors, air dielectric, and low capacitance. Probably their most important mantras is the end result must be neutral and transparent.” 

“The cables are beautifully made, attractive in appearance, if that matters to you, and the terminations are absolutely first rate.”

 “First up was the Jethro Tull classic, Minstrel In The Gallery box set, with remixes and remasters by Steven Wilson. It is one of my all time favorites, and the 24/96 flat transfers of the original mix, and the beautifully crafted remix are stunning. With the Darwin loom in place, the music took on a dimensionality and texture I honestly have not encountered to this degree. It was apparent from the get go that mythical noise floor with the Truth II cables was as low as it was going to get in my system. The system brought to the forefront little subtle touches in the mix like intricate percussion parts, vocal overdubs, and reverb choices made during final mixdown. 

“At this point, I had put the balanced system through it’s paces, and I switched over to the Truth II RCA using my Audio Research VS50 KT120 tube amp. Along with digital, I spun a large amount vinyl at this point on a Rega Planar 3 through a Lehmann Cube SE.  All the hallmarks of the Truth II sound were there. Amazingly low noise floor, clarity, a total lack of any coloration, and a naturalness of tone.  

“I used the Truth II RCA in a number of locations. From Phono stage, to preamp, from DAC to preamp, and from preamp to power amp, and I heard subtle differences in where they worked best, but if I had to pick one location above all, it would be from source to preamp…

“The Truth II power cords, in my estimation, are simply sensational. When used on my Freya preamp and both the Simaudio and Audio Research power amps, they unlocked new levels of clarity, bass articulation, and smoothness. My Acoustic Zen power cords are very cables indeed but the Truth II cables, from what I heard, were a significant step up.

“Darwin Cables have taken no prisoners with the Truth II series of cables. All of the previous Darwin cables I have reviewed were stellar sonically, and here they up the ante, while providing new levels of build quality, ergonomics, and drilling down what made previous generations so appealing, and then refining it. To my ears, Darwin Cables essentially represent the state of the art of cables today along with a few other manufacturers, but I have to tell you, that is a very small club.  Darwin Cables get an unconditional recommendation…” 


How have Darwin Cables consistently bested cables costing $15,000 to $18,000 at a fraction of the price? Science and art. The art is in the listening, voicing each design for the most dynamic, purest, most pristine  signal possible. Many have called us the best. We think so. We’re certainly the best value. The science? Let us explain. 

Low Mass:

The first thing you’ll notice about Darwin Cables the lightweight design. We use the best materials to impress your ears, not the guys in the weight room. Although, our design is sleek, light and attractive, it’s not audio jewelry—but the sound you’ll hear with Darwin Cables is instantly transformative and undeniable. A gem of the audio world. 

Heavy metal ends—audio jewelry—create eddy currents which collapse back upon the conductor, generating a time delayed signal, a form of distortion. The thicker the cable, the greater the eddy current resistance and induced distortion. The lower the mass, the more honest the signal. Darwin Cable Company experimented with many RCA terminations, various types of metallurgy, including the well-known and expensive products. We chose the best. If your cable has fancy, heavy metal ends, it’s never going to perform to the highest standards. Period.

Silver Wire:

Darwin Cable Company uses pure silver solid core wire. Silver is the most efficient conductor in the world—7% more efficient than copper. Imagine starting a 100 meter dash in the Olympics, 7 meters behind. And quality matters. We source our very best wire from overseas. 

The precise gauge is critical. Thinner is better. First of all, because high frequencies gravitate to the outer diameter of the wire, it arrives slightly faster. This is called skin effect. Compacting the signal in a thinner conductor offers audible precision and incredible dynamics. And what about bass response? Incredible. 

Through a phenomenon called the Maxwell Effect—more science—the thinner conductor is the one with the truest low end, and Darwin Cables produce the most taut, thunderous lows to balance the incredible transients and purity of the high frequencies. Forget what you’ve heard about silver cables sounding thin—that’s just poor design. 


All Darwin Cables employ a “floating wire, air dielectric” design. First of all, air is the best dielectric, allowing the signal to pass through in its pure form. Other things like plastics, PVC, rubber, and nylon sheathing will audibly veil that signal, turning it into varying degrees of audio mush. Even a cable running along a nylon carpet can be affected. The best “solid” option is BPTFE or polytetrafluoroethylene or as it is commonly known—Teflon. 

But even Teflon degrades the signal when it is in direct contact with the wire—so wires directly coated with Teflon simply cannot perform as well as our “floating wire, air dielectric” design. We use an oversized “teflon” tube which allows the relatively stiff wire to travel the path from end to end, making minimal contact at certain points with the wall—and that makes a dramatic difference over wires bathed in Teflon. 

Our air dielectric, low mass, silver design makes our cables the lowest capacitance cables on the market. How does that translate into sound? Capacitance measures stored energy and high capacitance cables release unscheduled energy into the signal that negatively impacts the sound like an out-of-tune instrument playing out of time with the band.


If your cable is not cryogenically treated, it simply is not as good as it could be. Darwin Cable Company employs NASA-quality cryogenics in our products. Imagine a frozen pond. The molecules contract and form a tighter bond. So it is with our premium silver wire and low mass terminations. Comparative microphotographs (1000x) of steel samples show the change in microstructure produced by the controlled deep cryogenic process. Uniform, more completely transformed microstructure. This is real science that makes a real difference. We’re offering our Truth II 1M RCA cables for $895 for a limited time only. MSRP $1095. Get Truth II XLRs for the same price. MSRP $1195.

You don’t have to pay the most to get the best. We realize this is a significant investment even at the sale price. We also understand the typical audiophile journey. We’ve spent thousands searching, too, before we developed Darwin Cables. 

Start at the top. You’ll save money and you simply will not want to give these cables up. But we offer a No Questions Asked 30 Day Peace of Mind Money Back Guarantee on the price of the cable so you can relax and hear what your system sounds like unleashed. Rarely exercised.  

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