Thorens TD124 Quartersawn Cocobolo Plinth usedThorens TD124  Quartersawn Cocobolo Plinth  by Woodsong AudioThis is no longer available. Sold to a local client.This is some of the most amazing Cocobolo we have ever encountered. It is from a billet meant for guitar backs. The overall grain is stunning,...2900.00

Thorens TD124 Quartersawn Cocobolo Plinth by Woodsong Audio [Expired]

no longer for sale

This is no longer available.  Sold to a local client.

This is some of the most amazing Cocobolo we have ever encountered.  It is from a billet meant for guitar backs.  The overall grain is stunning, and the pore structure is extremely unique. Cocobolo is a shorter, gnarly tree,  and this wood was from a long and wide board.  Very old for a Cocobolo tree.  Cocobolo is a true Rosewood,  dalbergia retusa, and grows in Central America, up through Mexico.   The commercial trade of Cocobolo has basically ended, with no new export permits being issued from the remaining countries where it was commercially originating from, for a couple of years now.  Cocobolo is now, essentially, 'unobtanium'.   This particular board is 'dead quartersawn', and exhibits the 'ray fleck' and 'butterfly wing' figures which are unique to QS lumber.  This Cocobolo is true Mexican Cocobolo, which is the most desirable.  Mexican Cocobolo is characterized by more intense reds and yellows.  Most all of what is available now is the remaining Nicaraguan Cocobolo which tends towards ruddy, non-distinct browns, though still quite nice. This plinth is of the true Artisanal Cocobolo.

 This listing is for the plinth only, 4 Track Audio footers, a custom built wiring harness, IEC, and hardware for the installation. 

In the photos, on the rear left corner is a 'fill' of Blue Paua Abalone.  This was done because this was the last of this amazing board, and the remaining pieces were enough to cover the entire plinth, except for one small bit,  so we decided on a fill of gorgeous Blue Abalone inlay.  You will never see it after the deck is installed, but this is representative of the details in this plinth.

Due to changes in CITES regulations in January of 2017 concerning all dalbergia species (true Rosewoods) this plinth is available only in the US.  We no longer ship any dalbergia (Rosewoods) species internationally. 

Woodsong Audio specializes in the highest quality restorations for the Garrard 301/ 401, and Thorens TD124, complete, turn key decks built on these iconic idler drive platforms, and also a full retail line of top quality tonearms, cartridges, electronics, and speakers.  We can build a package, turn key TD124 for you.  Attention to detail, unmatched quality,  and customer service is what our business is built on.

The 2 Thorens TD124's shown in the photos are not included in this listing, and are shown for visualization purposes only.    These decks are both available, and will be listed here on Audiogon in the coming days.

We can provide armboard/s for you on request, both 9" and 12" boards. 

Please contact us directly with any questions.

Our new website is not quite launched,  but high resolution photos of our work can be seen here:[email protected]/

Thank you for looking.

Chris Harban

Woodsong Audio
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