Rockport TechnologiesCygnususedRockport Technologies Cygnus Awesome!Among the handful of speakers worldwide under $100k that can compete with the best at any price, the Rockport Technology Cygnus is the culmination of the latest design thinking of Rockport's chief ...39500.00

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Rockport Technologies Cygnus Awesome! [Expired]

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Among the handful of speakers worldwide under $100k that can compete with the best at any price, the Rockport Technology Cygnus is the culmination of the latest design thinking of Rockport's chief engineer Andy Payor.

How insane is the build quality on these speakers? Try 285 pounds of 3" thick cabinet and a 6" composite baffle of machined aluminum, viscoelastic polymer and HDF!!

What makes the latest generation Atria, Cygnus, and Lyras unique in our experience is the Rockport Waveguide beryllium tweeter. This design dynamically couples the upper frequencies to the carbon fibre midrange and bass cone drivers better than any of the competition current or past. Delivering a speaker that delivers a combination of utterly lifelike dynamics and a palpable transparency from 20hz to 30 khz.

Every other speaker sounds either dynamically discontinuous or dynamically restricted in comparison.

Before we bought these speakers, we did an exhaustive 3 year evaluation of North American shows, dealer showrooms and visits to many kind owners of various dedicated reference systems.

After many many bottles of wine, and good friends made; to our ears the Cygnus are simply the best balance of stunning musicality combined with state of the art audiophile virtues, eclipsed only, and only just, by Rockport's own $200k Lyras.

Read Jeff Fritz's review of the Cygnus:

And Robert Harley's review of the Lyras:

These are dealer demos offered without Warranty and have never been moved from their positions in our Alpha listening room since they were uncrated factory fresh.

To the best of out knowledge, these are the only pair ever offered off retail in North America.

We are offering these pristine speakers rated at a conservative 8.0 and at a significant discount from retail. They are currently located in Ontario, Canda but can be shipped worldwide.  We have expert grand piano movers who can move them virtually anywhere in Ontario including uncrating and locating them in your listening room.

The speakers come with all their original factory crates and all accessories including feet and grills

We are selling the speakers for $39,500 including  shipping in North America.  Original wooden crates and all accessories included.
For those also considering a used pair of Altairs, the following correspondence between the owner of these speakers and Jeff Fritz of Soundstage may be of interest:
"To Jeff Fritz, 
Does the new Rockport Technologies Cygnus replace the Altair II on your desert island? 
Kerry Legeard 
That is a thought-provoking question! I guess the answer might depend on the configuration of the cave on my desert island. In many ways, the answer would be yes, I’d choose the Cygnus -- I think it is the more revealing, more high-resolution loudspeaker. It still has the authoritative Rockport bass and the inviting Rockport sound, but is more open and transparent than Rockports past, including the Altair II. 
On the other hand, the Altair II is no slouch in any of these above-mentioned areas, and also brings more low-bass weight and absolute extension to the party; these are not insignificant attributes, depending on the music you listen to. I suspect that in the largest of rooms (or caves), the Altair II would be the more commanding presence. Its physical depth is also a consideration -- front to back, it is far deeper than the Cygnus, so be careful with that. 
Ultimately, whichever Rockport model you choose, you’ll get a super set of loudspeakers. . . . . Jeff Fritz
Serial numbers 1502R & 1502L
Contact us with questions and for more details.  (Kerry Legeard - +1 (905) 541-5423) Serious inquiries only please,


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