ANTICABLESLevel 5.2 PURE ReferencenewANTICABLES Level 5.2 PURE Reference RCA Analog InterconnectsLevel 5.2 "PURE Reference" Analog RCA Interconnects as shown HERE Keith Louis Eichmann Innovations (KLEI) has come out with his excellent sounding PURE Harmony RCA plug. The PURE Harmony RCA plug o...260.00

ANTICABLES Level 5.2 PURE Reference RCA Analog Interconnects [Expired]

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Level 5.2 "PURE Reference" Analog RCA Interconnects as shown HERE

Keith Louis Eichmann Innovations (KLEI) has come out with his excellent sounding PURE Harmony RCA plug. The PURE Harmony RCA plug offers such an improvement over the Silver Harmony plug, we believe it deserves a fifth level in our analog interconnect line-up.

When compared against the Silver Harmony plug in our interconnects, we hear the music actually sounds a bit louder, has greater presence, more tactile sense, greater micro dynamics, and is more palatable. We hear yet another layer of veil removed.

Learn more about the new PURE Harmony plugs HERE.


These ICs use our new better sounding ACElectrum™ Silver/Gold alloy signal wire which replaced our original 100% silver wire. Adding a small amount of Gold to the mix eliminates the sonic signature of Silver, leaving only the music to be heard. We kept the price the same, but the performance is greater.
Sound Improvements over any solid Silver wire: 

  • The sonic signature of 100% silver wire is now removed 

  • The highs no longer sound a bit "hard", "forward", or "bright" 

  • Highs remain naturally "soft" and deep in the soundstage where they belong

  • Yet, the good highly resolving quality of Silver remains


When we combine this excellent sounding RCA plug along with the best sounding interconnect wire we have ever hear (our ACElectrum™ Reference Silver/Gold alloy signal wire), you get a world-class interconnect that we are confident will stand up against the best available; and will do so for a few hundred (not a few thousand) dollars.

These ANTICABLES Level 5.2 PURE Reference ICs are the world's new affordable interconnect to beat. We are confident you will enjoy them!



  • Starts at only $260 for a 1/2m pair

  • Many different lengths available HERE

  • "NEW" Keith Louis Eichmann PURE Harmony RCA Plugs

  • "NEW" ACElectrum™ Silver/Gold alloy signal conductors

  • 30 day risk free trial

  • Made in USA (one pair at a time in Lake Elmo MN)


Sound Improvements over Level 4.2 Reference Series:

  • Perceived increase in volume

  • More dynamic

  • Greater tactile sense

  • More palatable

  • Greater presence

  • The last layer of veil removed


    A few Real Testimonials:

    "I think your Level 5.2 interconnects are pretty amazing in terms of detail retrieval and air. I have very revealing speakers, but they reveal more now than they used to."

    " you can see I ordered a second pair which means I like them."

    Giovanni Gavetti, MA



    "I just received and installed the 5.2 analog interconnects. I realize I need to allow the break in period, but... Wow, the soundstage transparency, even at very low volumes, immediately gave me goosebumps, truly. Thanks,"

    Jeremy Ling, MN



    "Thanks for the quick turn-around on my question. By the way, I’m using your L3 Reference Speaker wires. They are really nice. Today, I had some fun comparing them to some MapleShade double helix plus speaker cables. The difference was very audible. Yours were far more open, dynamic, and quiet."

    "Cymbals sounded like cymbals, without any of the fizzy or tizzy sound that the Mapleshades imparted to their sound. The AntiCable sound staging was far more nuanced (and deeper, wider and taller). I had always thought of the Mapleshades as a real price/performance value. They were, that is, until you came along with your AntiCables. They are fine speaker cables and they have to be one of the absolute best values in audio."

    "I’m also using a set of your Pure Reference Level 5.2 interconnects. They replaced some Transparent Audio Plus interconnects. Suffice it to say, they are at least as great a value as your speaker cables." "Keep up the great work. Best regards,"

    Sven Sampson, WA



    "Having a pair of Level 3 reference series speaker cables for about 2 years now, I was very happy to read the excellent review you just posted. I was already very satisfied with theses cables but it’s really reassuring to hear such good comments from a professional reviewer."

    "I bought a pair of Level 5.2 RCA IC and Level 4.2 Digital IC about 6 months ago and I want to tell you that I’m very very satisfied. I agree with the reviewer that your cables fit totally well in a very good system, which I think I have."

    "With all AntiCables in my system, everything sounds perfect."

    "So, thanks very very much for all the excellent work you’ve done in the development of your line of fine cables. They make a huge contribution to the sound quality of my system and to my listening pleasure."

    René Lapierre, Canada



    Additional Features:

    • No thick plastic jacketing, which adds dielectric effect distortion and smears the audio signal

    • Double shielded option is available for use with turntables or when extra RFI/EMI protection may be needed.

    • Sounds less like a cable and more like real music than cables costing many times more.

    Priority Mail shipping is a Flat Rate no matter how much product order:

    US = $8

    Canada = $22

    International = $29


      Design Concept:

      Typical interconnect cables usually have a signal wire surrounded with a thick plastic dielectric material, which is then surrounded by the ground conductor to shield it from EMI/RFI noise, and then more plastic dielectric material. This typical approach has the usual drawbacks of accumulating a lot of dielectric effect distortion, and an accumulation of shunting capacitance. The ANTICABLES Analog RCA Interconnects use a different approach. Since air is a near perfect dielectric, no extra insulation dielectric material (beyond the thin red coating) is used, and the wires are suspended in free air. Eliminating dielectric effect distortion is what allows these interconnects to sound like music, (not a cable).

      Learn More HERE


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