Jeff Rowland12usedJeff Rowland 12 Ti, 4 Chasis Mono Blocks) !Jeff Rowland Model 12 Ti Handsome Four Chassis Beautiful Mono Blocks (see pictures): Upgraded to the Model 12 SMPS Power Supply upgrade (client spent $1,300 to have them factory upgraded). R...5995.00

Jeff Rowland 12 Ti, 4 Chasis Mono Blocks) ! [Expired]

no longer for sale

Jeff Rowland Model 12 Ti Handsome Four Chassis Beautiful Mono Blocks (see pictures):

Upgraded to the Model 12 SMPS Power Supply upgrade (client spent $1,300 to have them factory upgraded).

Rated 7/10 but is likely a 8/10 they have slight wear on the protective clear coating near the power buttons. Very hard to see (see the pictures).

One owner, purchased new from Ambrosia Audio & Video (my previous Audio & Video Company). 

Comes in 4 factory boxes and highly recommended.

Serial # K0101 power supply & # F0049 mono block
Serial # KO100 power supply & FOO50 mono block

From HFA on line:

Model 12

The model 12 is a dual mono version of the Model 10. Inside are no differences that I am aware of except that all circuitry is doubled up and divided over 4 chassis instead of 2. The model 10, 12 and 112 were the first amps in which the new LM3886 IC’s were used in place of bipolar transistors. These IC’s not only carry out the amplification but also allow extremely accurate bias and temperature control and also occupy very little circuit “real estate,” dramatically reducing capacitive and dielectric storage effects, as well as simplifying the overall signal path.

Also novel is the application of a so-called Power Buss in which positive and negative DC current is transferred to each output device by dual polarity. Within these buss bars, opposite phases are carried side by side, the two signal halves separated by a tiny 9 mil insulator. These bars can be easily identified as the bright red/orange metal bars running across the inside of the amp. One common question is whether the output section of the amplifier is biased into Class-A operation. Technically, the answer is “yes,” as the exceptional linearity of the output section design achieves the advantages of pure Class-A operation. Using the “Intelligent Power Transistor with Gain” system keeps the output section properly biased at all times to eliminate crossover distortion caused by the output transistors during turn-on and turn-off.


I have only heard the Model 12 on one occasion, in a setup that was not familiar to me, so I cannot say much about the sound other than that the 12’s sounded very good in this setup. Given that they are to the 10 what the Model 6 is to the Model 2, I expect no differently.

Above The two model 12 power supplies without hoods. Note that the main switching units have apparently been removed.

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