VariousVarioususedThis is a complete set of Music Matters 45rpm Blue Note lps - 112 titles. They sold for $50 each when initially released and there were only 1000 numbered sets sold. The number of complete sets in...6750.00

Music Matters 45rpm Blue Note - Complete numbered set (631) [Expired]

no longer for sale

This is a complete set of Music Matters 45rpm Blue Note lps - 112 titles. They sold for $50 each when initially released and there were only 1000 numbered sets sold.  The number of complete sets in existence is certainly less than 1000 now.  This is also the only set of BN titles to contain the amazing photos inside the gatefolds.  They are breathtaking!
  • All titles have been opened and played once or twice
  • Covers and gatefolds NM. 
  • Lps - NM
  • No ring wear or spindle marks
  • All titles in their original poly jackets, stored properly by someone who cares
  • Kenny Drew - Undercurrent has non-fill on Disc 1.  MM sent me a test pressing of the disc and it plays beautifully.  You get the original disc plus the one that sounds good.  The original disc 2 sounds just fine.  This is a minor flaw but I have a reputation for integrity and won't ever hide something.

If you are still reading, you already know about the sound of these lps.  They were mastered in stereo by Steve Hoffman and Kevin Gray from the original multitrack masters.  I've never heard drums sound so realistic!  It is almost spooky - like you are listening to ghosts.  You also know that the titles in this set are amazing in themselves.  Individual titles go for as much as $120+ on ebay - when they are even available.
If you missed the boat when these were issued, this is your chance to catch up.  I am the original owner.  The set number is 631 and it was purchased through Elusive Disc.  My asking price is firm and fair - you are getting the lps for $10 over what they sold for originally.
Given the value of the set, I have a strong preference for a personal delivery.  I am in the Raleigh area but will be willing to drive 5-6 hours to ensure safe delivery.  If you are willing to drive a bit too, this puts much of the east coast in play - along with Georgia and Tennessee.  'Shipping' is my actual cost to deliver the lps.
MMBST-84159 Andrew Hill - Judgment!
MMBST-84167 Andrew Hill - Point Of Departure
MMBST-84049 Art Blakey - A Night in Tunisia
MMBST-84029 Art Blakey - Big Beat
MMBST-84170 Art Blakey - Free For All
MMBST-84193 Art Blakey - Indestructible
MMBST-84245 Art Blakey - Like Someone In Love
MMBST-84090 Art Blakey - Mosaic
MMBST-84178 Blue Mitchell - The Thing To Do
MMBST-84231 Bobby Hutcherson - Happenings
MMBST-1582 Cliff Jordan - Cliff Craft
MMBLP-1526 Clifford Brown - Memorial
MMBLP-1567 Curtis Fuller - The Opener
MMBST-84133 Dexter Gordon - A Swingin' Affair
MMBST-84077 Dexter Gordon - Doin' Allright
MMBST-84204 Dexter Gordon - Gettin' Around
MMBST-84146 Dexter Gordon - Our Man In Paris
MMBST-84023 Dizzy Reece - Star Bright
MMBST-84019 Donald Byrd - Byrd In Hand
MMBST-84101 Donald Byrd - Royal Flush
MMBST-84075 Donald Byrd - The Cat Walk
MMBST-84369 Elvin Jones - Genesis
MMBST-84282 Elvin Jones - Puttin' It Together
MMBST-84163 Eric Dolphy - Out To Lunch
MMBST-84056 Freddie Hubbard - Goin' Up
MMBST-84135 Freddie Hubbard - Here To Stay
MMBST-84040 Freddie Hubbard - Open Sesame
MMBST-84085 Freddie Hubbard - Ready For Freddie
MMBST-84045 Freddie Redd - SHADES OF REDD!
MMBLP-1517 Gil Melle - Patterns In Jazz
MMBST-84153 Grachan Moncur III - Evolution
MMBST-3058 Grant Green - Gooden's Corner
MMBST-84442 Grant Green - Matador
MMBST-990 Grant Green - Solid
MMBST-84253 Grant Green - Street Of Dreams
MMBST-84183 Grant Green - Talkin' About!
MMBLP-1518 H. Silver & The Jazz Messengers
MMBST-84185 H. Silver - Song For My Father
MMBST-84220 H. Silver - The Cape Verdean Blues
MMBLP-1562 H. Silver - The Stylings Of Silver
MMBST-84431 Hank Mobley - Another Workout...
MMBLP-1550 Hank Mobley - Quintet
MMBST-84058 Hank Mobley - Roll Call
MMBLP-1568 Hank Mobley - Sextet
MMBST-84031 Hank Mobley - Soul Station
MMBST-84401 Hank Mobley - The Feelin's Good '
MMBLP-5066 Hank Mobley Quartet - w/ Outakes
MMBST-84175 Herbie Hancock - Empyrean Isles
MMBST-84147 Herbie Hancock - Inventions &
MMBST-84279 Herbie Hancock - Speak Like A Child
MMBST-84109 Herbie Hancock - Takin' Off
MMBST-84134 Horace Parlan - Happy Frame Of Mind
MMBST-84043 Horace Parlan - Speakin' My Piece
MMBST-84074 Horace Parlan - Spur of The Moment
MMBST-84037 Horace Parlan - Us Three
MMBST-84062 Horace Parlan Headin' South
MMBLP-1539 Horace Silver - 6 Pieces of Silver
MMBST-84008 Horace Silver - Finger Poppin’
MMBST-84103 Ike Quebec - Easy Living
MMBST-84024 J. McLean - Swing Swang Swingin'
MMBLP-1536 J.R. Monterose
MMBST-84067 Jackie McLean - Bluesnik
MMBST-84165 Jackie McLean - Destination...Out!
MMBST-84137 Jackie McLean - One Step Beyond
MMBST-84166 Joe Henderson - In ‘N Out
MMBST-84189 Joe Henderson - Inner Urge
MMBST-84227 Joe Henderson - Mode For Joe
MMBST-84152 Joe Henderson - Our Thing
MMBLP-1573 John Jenkins - With Kenny Burrell
MMBST-84144 Johnny Coles - Little Johnny C
MMBST-1580 Johnny Griffin - Congregation
MMBLP-1559 Johnny Griffin - Vol. 2
MMGFX-3057 Kenny Burrell - Freedom
MMBLP-1535 Kenny Dorham - Afro-Cuban
MMBLP-1524 Kenny Dorham - At Cafe Bohemia
MMBST-84127 Kenny Dorham - Una Mas
MMBST-84059 Kenny Drew - Undercurrent
MMBST-84187 Larry Young - Into Somethin’
MMBST-84221 Larry Young - Unity
MMBLP-1590 Lee Morgan - Candy
MMBLP-1538 Lee Morgan - Indeed!
MMBST-84169 Lee Morgan - Search The New Land
MMBST-84212 Lee Morgan - The Gigolo
MMBST-3032 Lee Morgan - The Procrastinator
MMBST-1058 Lee Morgan - Tom Cat
MMBLP-1557 Lee Morgan - Vol. 3
MMBST-84012 Lou Donaldson - LD+3
MMBST-1591 Lou Donaldson - Lou Takes Off
MMBLP-1594 Louis Smith - Smithville
MMBST-84264 McCoy Tyner - The Real McCoy
MMBLP-1564 Paul Chambers - Quintet
MMBST-84205 Pete La Roca - Basra
MMBST-84184 Sam Rivers - Fuchsia Swing Song
MMBST-1588 Sonny Clark - Cool Struttin'
MMBLP-1570 Sonny Clark - Dial "S" For Sonny
MMBST-84091 Sonny Clark - Leapin' and Lopin'
MMBST-1576 Sonny Clark - Sonny's Crib
MMBST-4001 Sonny Rollins - Newk's Time
MMBLP-1542 Sonny Rollins, Vol. 1
MMBST-84122 Stanley - Turrentine - Jubilee Shout!!!
MMBST-84039 Stanley Turrentine - Look Out!
MMBST-84070 Stanley. Turrentine - Up At Minton's, Vol. 2
MMBLP-1527 Thad Jones -The Magnificent
MMBLP-1507 The Jazz Messengers - Vol. 1
MMBLP-1508 The Jazz Messengers - Vol. 2
MMBST-84052 Tina Brooks - Back To The Tracks
MMBST45-84041 Tina Brooks -True Blue
MMBST-84232 Wayne Shorter - Adam's Apple
MMBST-84182 Wayne Shorter - Juju
MMBST-84173 Wayne Shorter - Night Dreamer
MMBST-84194 Wayne Shorter - Speak No Evil
MMLT-988 Wayne Shorter - The Soothsayer

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