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Dr. Peter Forsell Air Bearing Analog Turntable & Tone Arm Excellent Working Condition (Patent #5463613 Oct 31, 1995) List $20,000 Plus $2,000 improvements

Designed with extraordinary sound isolation, Dr. Peter Forsell addressed three very important issues that other manufacturers fail to understand and correct. It is well known by audio engineers that the lower noise equals greater resolution. This is why the turntable was designed without springs, and this is why the bass clarity is unprecedently neutral and able to retrieve low level information.

The second feature that was designed into the turntable was the perfectly matched low mass linear tracking tonearm to prevent cartridge cantilever damage, as well as maximize the stylist contact within the groove of the record for the greatest signal information.

All of this wouldn’t be possible if the platter and motor were not improved, therefore Dr. Peter Forsell design this turntable and/or platter with an air bearing platter and small motor to limit noise from being transmitted back into the platter etc. these are the critical strengths and/or sonic reasons for the widely acclaimed performance.

It also should be pointed out that this turntable is easy to set up and level making this product an audiophile dream.

Therefore, as technology permitted, some of the common sense modifications that were added to the original design. This made the product better than the original design. It is all about the refinements as technology permitted.

1)   Electronic speed control 33 & 45 (new)

2)   Custom machined heavy 1” brass plate with newly invented Aurio vibration mounts (new)

3)   Dust cover (new)

4)   Silver tonearm wire (new)

5)   Measurement: 18” W x 17 ¼” D x 12” H

If you are seeking printed, please seek Absolute Sound reviews from Jonathan Skull in New York City.

If you should have any audiophile questions, I would glad to share these experiences so you can avoid wasting money on expensive, poorly match components. These experiences were the result of years and years of running an audiophile store in NYC selling exclusive brands such as Goldmund, MBL, Apogee, Gryphon and other prestigious products. It would be ashamed not to share these experiences about phono-stages and cartridges who are considering building up an analog system.

If you have interest in the cartridge along with the turntable that would be an additional cost. This is a Clear Audio Insider cartridge - List $11,000 but I reduced the price to $4,800 because it needs to be repaired.

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