MITCHELL & JOHNSON GL2Hybrid Electrostatic Headphones:newMITCHELL & JOHNSON GL2 Hybrid Electrostatic Headphones: New-In-Box; Full Warranty; 60% OffMITCHELL & JOHNSON GL2 Hybrid Electrostatic Headphones: New-In-Box; Full Warranty; 60% OffMSRP: $359.95 USD EachpcX Price: $143.95 USD Each 60% Off GL2Ordinary Headphones vs Mitchell & J...143.95

MITCHELL & JOHNSON GL2 Hybrid Electrostatic Headphones: New-In-Box; Full Warranty; 60% Off

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MITCHELL & JOHNSON GL2 Hybrid Electrostatic Headphones: New-In-Box; Full Warranty; 60% Off

MSRP: $359.95 USD Each

pcX Price: $143.95 USD Each    60% Off 


Ordinary Headphones vs Mitchell & Johnson Electrostatic Headphones (ESL)...
Ordinary headphones have a cone shape diaphragm typically made out of paper, plastic or metal. The techies know these as electro-dynamic transducers, and they work on electromagnetic principals and basically move air which arrives at your ears as a soundwave. Also, electro-dynamic speakers are a point source, meaning sound disperses radially from the speaker’s centre. ESL’s use electrostatic principals to reproduce which are very different from the principals above. Instead of a magnet and cone diaphragm structure, ESL’s use a large, heavily biased (high voltage) ultra-thin plastic membrane ‘hat’ is sandwiched between two conductive stator plates to reproduce the sound. The ESL is a linear source and the music disperses evenly over the whole surface of the diaphragm. They are also dipole, meaning sound waves radiate from the front and rear, and the membrane is not usually enclosed in a cabinet, thus the thin speaker profiles and unique acoustic qualities.

The ultra-thin, almost weightless diaphragm, only microns thick, is sandwiched between two metal stators which carry the music signal and push/pull between the electric fields of the two.
This technology extends its frequency range & response beyond human hearing, vital for the harmonics in all music, encapsulating true sound reproduction which is natural, vibrant and real.
The response is amazing, as the entire membrane moves briskly and uniformly, with no cone breakup or resonance to colour the sound and generate distortion you can find with ordinary electrostatic headphones. The Electrostatz film holds a constant electrical charge, instead of constant voltage (ESL) and is non-conductive, so the issues of distortion are absent, unlike its ESL predecessor.
The real magic happens when you create a Mitchell & Johnson hybrid electrostatic stereo headphone combined with a traditional 40mm paper based dynamic driver, so you get 2 in 1 ,crystal clear precise details and punchy bass as well.
Now That’s Sound Thinking!!!!!

GL2 Stereo Headphones

  • Lightweight portable design

  • Real walnut wood enclosure

  • Detachable 1.2 m Cable

  • Naturally tuned response


  • Frequency Response: 12 to 45,000Hz

  • Sound Pressure level: 115dB

  • Impedance: 32 ohms

  • Acoustic System: Closed back

  • Total harmonic Distortion: <=0.5%

  • Include carry bag and ¼” to ½” adaptor

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