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Tue, Wed, Thur, Fri 10.00am-6.00pm.Sat-10am-4pm Closed on Sunday and Monday.

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Some of the finest products built in America & Europe, combined with the finest
service that is truly upscale.
We Welcome Brinkmann Source products. Turntables and DAC's.

We are offering 1 ea MP3000HV Multi Source Player in Silver finish

This is T+A's answer for someone who wants ultimate performance from his CD's.

T + A was the first High-End manufacturers to equip a CD player with additional digital sources. The idea was unusual at the time, but it was certainly logical and justified. Our first machine to incorporate the principle was the E-Series Music Player. The sound quality of a digital music source is determined to a great extent by the quality of the digital-to-analogue converter (DAC) employed. Since T+A CD players had always boasted excellent converters, it made a good deal of sense to add additional digital sources to them, such as a network streaming client, a tuner and various inputs for external digital sources, instead of producing a separate case for each individual source. This makes obvious economic sense, but is also sensible in technical terms, since there is no need for additional cases, converters, mains power supplies and cable connections. It is much more effective to build one really superior converter and play back all the sources through it – even though that converter is more expensive in the first place.

That is why we have developed the unique Double Differential Quadruple Converter for PCM digital to analogue conversion. It processes the signals from the jitter reduction stage, whose own design philosophy is probably unique, and receives data from the high-quality pushrod-operated CD mechanism, the FM tuner, the streaming client and the seven digital inputs. The D/A converter is followed by the current / voltage converter, which is so crucial to sound quality, and an analogue output stage, both of which are of fully discrete construction, and incorporate our HV technology.
The FD 100 bi-directional RF remote control system can be used to control all functions of the HV-system. It displays the full content of the device screen and cover-art as well.

We at Sunny's have the Complete T+A Elektroakustic system available for demonstration at our store in Los Angeles.
We also have some key components available from T+A which are Factory Certified Demos.
Please call us or set up an appointment to experience these amazing products.

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