Blue Circle AudioPLC FX2Xoe-6 outletnewBlue Circle Audio PLC FX2Xoe-6 outlet 6 outlet Power ConditionerSome months back, Gilbert Yeung, the designer at Blue Circle Audio, contacted Michael Wright, a highly respected reviewer at Soundstage, and made what appeared to be a rather arrogant claim. He sai...495.00

Blue Circle Audio PLC FX2Xoe-6 outlet 6 outlet Power Conditioner [Expired]

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Some months back, Gilbert Yeung, the designer at Blue Circle Audio, contacted Michael Wright, a highly respected reviewer at Soundstage, and made what appeared to be a rather arrogant claim. He said that he had designed a powerline filter that sold for only $495.00 that would outperform other units that sold for five to ten times as much. As you can imagine, Michael was more than a little skeptical but he thought that this might be interesting. As he said “I decided to humor him.” And what was the final result? Here is what Mike had to say after living with the FX-2 X0e for some months: “Blue Circle Audio’s PLC Thingee FX-2 powerline conditioner is a stellar performer at any price. But for only $495? Are you kidding me? I don’t see how Gilbert Yeung does it, but he’s done it again: made another claim for a component that I tried to debunk but only confirmed. With something like the FX-2 providing the level of audible improvement that it does for only $495, I now don’t know what to think about the current state of the power-conditioning art: How much money is too much to spend on a PLC?” You can read Michael Wright’s entire review on the Soundstage website; and by the way, Mike bought an FX-2 X0e for himself. And Michael is not the only reviewer to be blown away by the performance-to-cost ratio of the FX-2 X0e. Paul Candy at Positive Feedback also did a recent review of the FX-2 X0e. Here is what he had to say: “When it came to putting pen to paper I admittedly struggled in finding the ideal words to effectively describe what I was experiencing. I wasn't at all expecting this at such a modest price. Was it the best I've heard? Not quite. That award goes to Tweak Geek's Bybee Stealth Power Purifier. As good as the FX2 is the Stealth is in another league. For $6000 it should be. However, I have sampled all manner of conditioners at that price and lower and the FX2 6 X0e comes in at a close second.” A PLC for under five hundred bucks coming in a close second to a unit that costs six grand! Yes, amazingly this little PLC is really that good. And by the way, Paul has yet to hear Blue Circle’s reference-quality PLC, the $4,500.00 BC60X1. He may change his mind about which unit should be getting an award. You can read Paul’s entire review at 75. And like Mike Wright, Paul also bought one for himself. In his own words: “For me, it was so bloody effective yet crazy cheap I'd be an idiot to return it. The only thing Gilbert is getting back from me is a check. Well done Blue Circle.” Paul Candy A recent customer writes: "Just wanted to let you know I received the PLC FX2 X0e. I had to make a little room for it. But it works great. And now I have the older PLC for more of my antique radios. I know that sounds like an odd application. But radios of the 1920-1930's now pick up all sorts of stuff. Everything seems like it acts like an antenna. So the filtering in the PLC and the PLC FX2 X0e do a great job. I also noticed an good improvement in my modern tube equipment between the PLC and the PLC FX2 X0e." 
 The FX-2 with X0e comes in two models: 
four outlets for $460.00 
and six outlets for $495.00. Obviously, the six-outlet version is the better buy. It is housed in a plain-Jane ABS chassis and sealed with silicone to keep costs down. Cosmetically it may not be a beauty, but you can hide it behind the audio rack and its performance more than makes up for any issues with its looks. This is an upgrade from the original highly acclaimed PLC FX-2. For those who already own an original FX-2, they can add an X0e plug-in module for as low as $160.00, depending on whether they want extra outlets. Original FX-2 owners can contact us for pricing details. Here is the technical details on the Blue Circle FX-2 with X0e low-frequency module: The X0e low-frequency module adds a whole new dimension to the performance of the FX-2. The FX-2, like almost every other PLC, focuses on radio-frequency (RF) noise above 50 kHz that is introduced into the AC from air-born sources. This is usually from radio-frequency interference (RFI) or electromagnetic interference (EMI). The X0e module focuses on noise that is being introduced directly into the AC supply from sources like switch mode power supplies, compact fluorescent lights, and other house-hold appliances. This noise is in a lower frequency band, usually between 5 kHz and 50 kHz. The FX-2 with X0e is like getting two filters in one chassis, and there is one other important point to note. This unit is absolutely non-current limiting. It will not restrict the dynamics of even the biggest current-hungry amp. What more could you want for under five hundred bucks? For more information on the PLC FX-2 with X0e, or any Blue Circle product, contact us directly at [email protected] or visit our website at We are North America’s oldest and most knowledgeable Blue Circle dealer. Material and Dimensions: 4" dia ABS pipe (4.5" OD) x 7" long This ad is for the 6 outlet version. The 4 outlet version is $460.00. Note: Illinois buyers will be sent a separate invoice for 7.25% Illinois sales tax AFTER purchase with Buy It Now. TLP Audio is a Factory Authorized Blue Circle Dealer.