EsotericG-02usedEsoteric G-02 demo save $$$$$Esoteric G-02 master clock Store demo which has served us very well, we are upgrading to the latest and greatest to keep the showroom up to date. What will a clock do for your system? Large...3999.00

Esoteric G-02 demo save $$$$$

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Esoteric G-02 master clock 
Store demo which has served us very well, we are upgrading to the latest and greatest to keep the showroom up to date.   
What will a clock do for your system?  Larger soundstage, more focused imaging, greater depth in the music, etc etc.  Anything about the music having to do with timing will be improved.     
Master clock generator Every digital audio device operates with an internal clock circuit generating the clock signals required to operate that device. The master clock generator is an extremely stable oscillator that supplies external clocks to digital devices (such as a transport, D/A convertor, Super Audio CD player) equipped with clock input terminals. The master clock generator supplies clock signals with a higher degree of purity than clocks generated internally by digital devices and thus it vastly improves the sound quality. By operating connected devices off the same, highly stable master clock, timing errors called jitter are virtually eliminated vastly improving imaging and dimensionality while darkening the background. Ultrahigh precision OCXO installed as the heart of the unit The master clock generator uses a high precision crystal oscillator with a frequency precision of +/-0.01 ppm (parts per million) that is provided with custom tuning designed specifically for ESOTERIC. G-02 has a built-in, oven-controlled crystal oscillator (OCXO) that generates stable oscillation under varying conditions. This is made possible by assembling a quartz crystal resonator and oscillation circuit in an oven that maintains the internal crystal and critical circuitry at a constant temperature. G-02 achieves a very high frequency stability of +/-0.01 ppm under external temperature conditions of -20 °C to 70°C. Newly-designed discrete clock output driver circuit configuration G-02 has adopted a newly-designed discrete clock output driver circuit configuration. The discrete circuit uses a high-speed transistor that is optimal for generating digital waveforms for which ultrafast speed and a high degree of accuracy are required. Combined with a heavy-duty power supply, this discrete circuit contributes to major improvement of the sound quality by providing an accurate, stable timing signal to audio devices. Heavy-duty power supply unit The master clock generator is equipped with a heavy-duty power supply unit that fully supports its high level of performance. A large R-core transformer featuring low loss magnetic flux leakage has been selected for the G-02. A series of several capacitors and Schottky barrier diodes are used as a smoothing circuit for quick response to support fast digital processing, contributing to the generation of highly accurate clock signals. For the display, an independent power transformer and a dedicated power supply circuit have been installed for each circuit block to minimize mutual interference between blocks. Support for 10 MHz clock and 22.5792 MHz master clock outputs G-02 can output a 10 MHz clock and 22.5792 and 24.576 MHz master clocks that are compatible with ESOTERIC's original "Direct Master Clock Link." Three separate A/B/C output systems G-02 can output 100 kHz and 10 MHz in addition to clock signals of 1x, 2x, 4x, and 512x multiples (22.5792 MHz/24.576 MHz) of the base frequency (44.1 kHz or 48 kHz). Moreover, in frequency expansion (EXP) mode, G-02 can output 8x, 16x, 32x, 64x, 128x, and 256x multiples of the clock frequency that enables it to supply clock signals to a wide range of devices, including professional equipment. 
Each of these systems has two output ports supplying clock signals to a maximum of six devices. The output frequency can be set individually for each of the six ports from A1 to C2. If a single device is connected, all output ports other than the A1 port can be turned off.
External 10 MHz input port G-02 is equipped with an input port that is capable of receiving a 10 MHz reference signal from an external device. This port can be connected to devices such as the Rubidium clock and GPS clock to further upgrade the system. ESOTERIC's original gold-plated BNC ports G-02 uses ESOTERIC's original BNC ports that provide highly reliable contact. These durable and secure ports can handle even heavy and thick high-end cables. Superb chassis construction for optimal performance Since the oscillator is generally susceptible to vibrations, chassis construction has been designed with utmost care. G-02 has a highly-rigid thick aluminum chassis that minimizes the small vibrations that could affect clock precision. Esthetic rounded form Thick aluminum material is used for the front, side and top panels, as well as the front corners. The G-02 chassis design has inherited the tradition of the ESOTERIC product line of a separate type digital player with screw-less rounded top and corners. The appearance of G-02 is in perfect harmony with ESOTERIC digital players.


Clock outputs44.1 kHz setting44.1/88.2/176.4/352.8/705.6 kHz 
1.4112/2.8224/5.6448/11.2896/22.5792 MHz48 kHz setting48/96/192/384/768 kHz 
1.536/3.072/6.144/12.288/24.576 MHzBoth settings100kHz/10MHzConnectorsBNC coaxialOutput levelRectangular wave (TTL level/75Ω)Frequency stabilityWithin ±0.01 ppm (-20°C to +70°C)Frequency precisionWithin ±0.01 ppm (when shipped new)Output clock stabilization 
(approximate time in minutes)Until oscillator stabilizes  
after power turned on: 15 
PLL locking time: 1Standard frequency inputInput frequency10MHz (within ±10 ppm)ConnectorBNC coaxialInput levelsSine wave: 0.5-1.0 Vrms/50 Ω 
Square wave: 1.5-3.0 Vpp/50 ΩGeneralPower supplyAC 230 V, 50 Hz 
AC 120 V, 60 Hz 
AC 220 V, 60 HzPower consumption14W(while warming up)/ 
10W(when stable)Dimensions 
(W×H×D,including protrusions)445mm×106.5mm×360mm 
(17 1/2″x4 2/8″x14 1/ 8″)Weight10.2kg(22.49lb.)Included accessoriesPowercordx1 

Demonstrations of Esoteric and Esoteric Grandioso products available in our Charlotte showroom and of course local pickup is welcomed.    

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