Wilson BeneschSquare ThreeusedWilson Benesch Square Three Floorstanding Speakers in Gloss WalnutWilson Benesch Square ThreeFloor Standing Loudspeakers in Gloss Walnut In Excellent Used Condition --------------- Features: Taking over where the Square Two left off, the Square Three adds ...4695.00

Wilson Benesch Square Three Floorstanding Speakers in Gloss Walnut [Expired]

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Wilson Benesch Square Three
Floor Standing Loudspeakers

in Gloss Walnut

In Excellent Used Condition



Taking over where the Square Two left off, the Square Three adds a second Tactic Drive Unit to divide bass and midrange over two dedicated Tactic Drive Units. The result is a rich, detailed and beautifully composed presentation. Every nuance of the music delicate vocal or string — and every detail and micro-dynamic structure of a double bass or drum strike is delivered in a lifelike soundstage.


Unique, innovative design concepts have been distilled in the Square Three, combined they create a highly optimised, floor standing loudspeaker which shares much of its DNA with the Vector loudspeaker in the companies reference line, the Geometry Series.


With two Tactic Drive Units and a bespoke, Wilson Benesch spec, Scanspeak Tweeter the Square Three delivers a frequency range from 35Hz to 24kHz. A minimal crossover design ensures that the bespoke drive technology is free to operate optimally, with a pure signal path between the drivers and the amplifier.


The Square Series II sound is more than the sum of the drive unit technologies it boasts, internally Wilson Benesch has applied design philosophy developed for its reference loudspeaker lines ensuring that both series share a family sound and class leading signal-to-noise ratios.


Finished with a high gloss or matt veneer expertly handcrafted by Bentley Motors trained craftsmen and the low profile laser cut steel grill create the finishing touches to a remarkable, British built loudspeaker.


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