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East End Hi-Fi are an authorized dealer for Harbeth, and is selling one of the most highly regarded monitors of all time!  The Harbeth Super HL5plus speakers have a history of awards too long to mention.  These classic BBC speakers are available to order in cherry finish, priced above, but can be ordered in Rosewood, Eucalyptus, or Tiger Ebony at an up charge.  Availability upon request.

TAS 2015 Golden Ear award winner.
Stereophile 2015 Recommended Component.

Paul Seydor of TAS said of the Harbeth Super HL5+'s:

"Put simply, Alan Shaw's new Harbeth Super HL5plus is one of the most beautiful-sounding speaker systems I've heard since the original Quad electrostatic.  The comparison is not stated lightly:  This transducer has the same musical authority, naturalness, midrange beauty,and really extraordinary top to bottom coherence that I've heard from very few dynamic speakers of any type, persuasion, or expense."

"but also to the way the drivers themselves though of different materials seem to speak with one voice."

"I was unable to push the RADIAL2 cone into doubling or make the port chuff."

"The midrange is everything we've come to expect from a Harbeth: drop-dead gorgeous and so seamlessly integrated to the top and bottom ends of the spectrum that it's an exercise in artificiality to discuss them separately.  To play voice or any kind of acoustic instrument either solo or part of an ensemble is to bring a smile to your face-so easy, beautiful, and effortlessly natural in reproduction."

"What about rock, heavy metal, rap, hip-hop, etc?"  I think it sounds quite sensational with Jagger at his most aggressive, Paul Simon at his most dynamic and powerful on Graceland, and Pink Floyd at their most outrageous.  This owes in part to the speakers remarkable transparency, clarity and dynamic range.  But it is also due to it's full tonal balance in the lower midrange and upper bass-the warmth region that a great many rock producers and performers really like to get into their recordings."

"The 5plus is fully competitive with anything I'm aware of out there when it comes to kick, drive, pace, and rhythm, and it manages to achieve these results while sounding completely natural."

Whether it's Classical, Jazz, or other genres, the Harbeth speakers perform mightily. For interested parties in the Long Island area, please visit East End Hi-Fi for a demo. We will help you transform your CD/LP collection back into music again!!

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