Taking Orders Now! -- Bakoon Amp-13R - Heir to the Legendary12R -- Japanese Integrated Amp and Headphone Amp --newTaking Orders Now! -- Bakoon Amp-13R - Heir to the Legendary 12R -- Japanese Integrated Amp and Headphone Amp -- Free Shipping and 45-day Trial at JaguarAudioDesign.com!JaguarAudioDesign.com is an authorized retailer for all Bakoon products in North America. The Japanese have a meticulous drive for sonic perfection and the Korean manufacture is some of the finest...5795.00

Taking Orders Now! -- Bakoon Amp-13R - Heir to the Legendary 12R -- Japanese Integrated Amp and Headphone Amp -- Free Shipping and 45-day Trial at JaguarAudioDesign.com!

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JaguarAudioDesign.com is an authorized retailer for all Bakoon products in North America.  The Japanese have a meticulous drive for sonic perfection and the Korean manufacture is some of the finest quality in the world.

The AMP-13R is Bakoon's follow up to the Legendary 12R and 11R, which went out of production about 3 years ago. This unit features a 25-watt integrated amplifier and headphone amplifier, with passive volume control.

6Moons gave the 11R the Blue Moon award and described the experience of listening to the unit as like "listening inside a space capsule." Imagine late-night, low-volume listening sessions with the most inner recesses of the music lit up...that's the Bakoon sound.

The original AMP-11R was the product that helped define and introduce the Bakoon brand to the world of audiophiles. Decades of experience and excellence in audio amplifier design engineered into an award-winning compact amplifier – surpassing reviewers’ and owners’ expectations of what was possible to achieve in performance and true musical joy from such a small footprint.

Simply put, strives for the Japanese ethos of minimalism and strives to make complex things simpler and still deliver the highest possible performance. With the introduction of the patent-pending JET Bias Circuit, implemented first in the new AMP-13R, the JET SATRI Circuit is born. The JET Bias Circuit is a revolution in audio amplifier design. The bias is now perfectly stabilized in merely milliseconds, and this means that the transistors can reach their “sweet spot” for the best possible performance instantaneously. That’s why it's called “JET”.

As the precise temperature sensor tracks the change in temperature and re-calibrates the bias in real-time, the amplification and sound aren't influenced by any temperature variations. Sounds simple, but it requires the most complex innovative thinking and mastery in engineering – in both the analog, digital and software domain. The JET Bias Circuit was born from a perfect harmony of ADC, DAC and microprocessor (MPU) with highly intelligent software. The JET SATRI Circuit completely eliminates the output stage’s emitter resistors for lower impedance for much faster and direct response.

Physically, the AMP-13R is possibly the slimmest analog audio amplifier ever developed with this level of performance. Nothing is wasted anywhere to make such a complete design that nonetheless achieves the highest possible sound quality and optimal performance. The AMP-13R sums up Bakoon’s mastery in every possible way to build a world class compact audio amplifier. Perfectly Mastered Minimalism. The JET SATRI Amplifier AMP-13R.

Note: Bakoon's proprietary interconnects can be used to connect the Bakoon DAC-21 to this unit in current drive mode, which is very unique, compared to the voltage mode of the vast majority of audio components.

Feature Highlights


With our breakthrough in bias circuit design, we’ve outdone ourselves. The patent-pending JET Bias circuit has brought the SATRI Circuit to a whole new level in terms of electrical performance and sound quality. Our circuit is now reborn and renamed as the JET SATRI Circuit, an ultra fast, wide bandwidth, full discrete design with zero negative feedback. It is also our first circuit that doesn’t even use output emitter resistors, resulting lower output impedance than ever before, with direct, ultra fast response to the loudspeakers.

JET Bias Circuit

JET is actually an abbreviation of “Jet”, “Exact” and “Thermal Tracking”. It’s ultra-fast like a jet plane in terms of circuit response time and speed. The bias current is exactly fixed and it doesn’t drift at any condition. It’s not affected by temperature variations as the temperature sensor tracks and adjusts the bias in milliseconds, or instantly. This patent-pending innovation is enabled by a separate ADC, DAC and microprocessor (MPU) circuit stage with highly sophisticated, yet elegant software. 

“Enlightenment” in Design

We believe in simplicity in design and has worked ourselves in decades to achieve class leading design and engineering. The front panel measures merely 27.5mm, most likely the slimmest analogue audio amplifier design ever created, and it is now patent-pending to achieve such a slim profile. The design is also efficient in heat transfer to achieve almost double the output power compared to our previous generation amplifiers. The extreme calculations in mechanical engineering and tightest machining tolerance delivers one elegant design. We first implemented beautiful red Urushi lacquered knob, made by master craftsmen from Fukushima, Japan.

Ultimate Headphone Amplifier

The best possible headphone playback has been our one ambitious requirement to fulfill since the beginning of our company. With the recent releases of our world class headphone amplifiers, we have gathered valuable experience and ideas to make even this a class above what can be expected from our AMP-13R amplifier. The JET SATRI Circuit allow a zero loss amplification factor change, which means one can fully enjoy the EXICON MOSFETs excellent sound quality, direct to the headphone. The AMP-13R also provides the highest output power we have ever designed and will drive any headphone available in the market with a breeze.

Sophisticated Control and Power

The new AMP-13R boasts three separate control microprocessors (MPU) to provide unparalleled efficiency in its design. By separating these MPUs, we have actually reduced the number of parts and signal complexities, yet still provide the same level of highly successful user interfaces of the bigger AMP-51R and AMP-41. Furthermore, given the small footprint and height, we had the highest demands on the actual transformer design, and Avel Lindberg of Connecticut, USA was able to meet our custom specifications. The new power supply circuit is also of a very innovative design as it provides the auto-sense voltage switching capability of our AMP-51R and AMP-41, but this time, with only one power transformer, unlike our past circuits, which required additional power transformer. It all meets our ultimate goal of creating the world’s best compact amplifier.


● Power Output : 25 watts (8 Ω, 1 kHz)

● Gain : 22.5 dB max. (speaker, headphone high) or 7 dB max. (headphone low)

● Gain Control : MPU Controlled 50 Stepped Attenuator

● Frequency Response : 10 Hz ~ 500 kHz

● Input : 1 SATRI-LINK (BNC), 2 Voltage (RCA)

● Input Impedance : 3.68 Ω (SATRI-LINK), 10 kΩ (Voltage)

● User Interface : Encoder with a built in switch, Remote Controller

● Power Consumption : 100 watts max.

● Dimensions : 230 mm (W) x 230 mm (D) x 55 mm (H)

● Weight : 4 kg (net), 5 kg (shipping)

Note: Free shipping and a 45-day trial period.  Trial periods do not apply to discounted, demo/used products or trades and do not include shipping and insurance costs.  We encourage you to call or email us if you have any questions about how Bakoon products will work with the rest of your system.

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