ESS422H usedESS 422H  Headphones with AMT Technology-Hardly Used, As NewPRICE REDUCED. NEED TO SELL! I purchased the earphones because of their introductory price, taking a chance on their performance. WOW! Did I get a good deal or what! They are great phones at an ...100.00

ESS 422H Headphones with AMT Technology-Hardly Used, As New [Expired]

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PRICE REDUCED. NEED TO SELL! I purchased the earphones because of their introductory price, taking a chance on their performance. WOW! Did I get a good deal or what! They are great phones at an even better price. They truly produce a high-end sound at an entry level price. The only reason that I am selling is because I was able to purchase the Audeze closed LCD-XC which I have wanted for a long time. My regular phones are the LCD-X and I have wanted that sound in a closed earphone. MANUFACTURER’S DESCRIPTION Unique over the ear, closed headphones equipped with the Art of AMT Sound Technology™. The improved Multi Fold Air Motion Transformer produces a full range of natural sound that ESS is known for. No two headphones look alike due to our use of real wood. 422H SPECIFICATIONS: • Hybrid Driver Unit: 40mm moving coil driver, 20*30mm multi-fold AMT Air Motion Technology • Impedance 32 Ω +/- 15% at 1KHz, 179Mv • Sensitivity: 110 +/- 3dB at 1KHZ w/Vrms input= 179Mv • Power Capacity: 50mW, Max~100mW • Frequency Response: 20~20kHz at 1mW • Comes with semi-hard carrying case and detachable 3.5mm cable with ¼” adapter REVIEWS: First Reviewer said: The 422H Heil AMT Hybrid Headphones, with two drivers, one being the first Heil driver ever utilized in headphones, is downright scary good. The 422H is not only head of its class, but is its only occupant! Who could have seen this leap in technology? Sound as clear as light? ESS has boosted the fun factor and affordability in headphones by a country mile. Gabby Block, Second Reviewer said: The ESS 422H are well worth the price. I could find nothing wrong with them. Balance, clarity, richness, smoothness. It’s all there. They work beautifully across all genres, especially rock and classical, and I think they’re the perfect first headphone for the budding audiophile. I highly recommend these. Positive Feedback said: The current issue ESS 422H feature real wood sides and are made of a brushed metal less heavy than the cans from early issue. They are easy to spot, more comfortable, better looking, and way less expensive at an introductory price of $195! The first ones off the assembly line were supposed to cost $695, but ESS decided to establish them as the best, most economical headphones ever, so down went the price...temporarily, according to ESS. So how do they sound? Just glorious! Improved from about 500Hz and up in every way, they still take no prisoners in the bass region. The soundstage is wider, and they have more air and space overall. The definition and imaging are excellent, and clarity is now competitive with headphones in the $1000 - $1250 range. Being closed in, they isolate you better than any Ultrasone at any price, while the 422H gets very close to their much more expensive Edition 8 in performance. In fact, at $200, including a swell carrying case, adapters, etc., let's just say the ESS 422H are $1000 cans at an $800 discount right now. I see this happening all over the personal listening market as prices fluctuate wildly, and most are not an indicator of performance or quality! The ESS 422H headphones are strongly recommended. The Audio Beatnik Said: The actual sound of the 422Hs is closer to planar style headphones, say the Audeze LCD line or Magneplanar and similar speakers. They offer a coherent soundstage from left to right that sometimes seemed to reach out beyond the enclosures themselves, similar to how open headphones sound. And the highs were crystal clear, maybe a little more forward than the rest of the spectrum, but they were not sharp, or cutting unless they needed to be. But the ESS 422H headphones continued to surprise me in their ability to perform at such levels at this a $199 price. I’ve heard nothing else that compares at the same price point. If you have been on the fence, looking over the 422Hs as an option for headphones, I say get them now while you can. You’ll be able to upgrade a lot of backing equipment over time before these start to become outclassed. I’m going to be holding on to my review pair! HIGH END SOUND AT AN ENTRY LEVEL PRICE!!
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