Wavetouch AudioGrand Teton SEusedWavetouch Audio Grand Teton SENEW LOWER PRICE...NEED TO SELL, GREAT DEAL!! I have for sale a truly mint pair of Wavetouch Audio Grand Teton SE Monitors. I do not have original boxes as these were the designer Alex's demo pair f...700.00

Wavetouch Audio Grand Teton SE

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 I have for sale a truly mint pair of Wavetouch Audio Grand Teton SE Monitors. I do not have original boxes as these were the designer Alex's demo pair from the show in 2014, but they are packed very well and in storage currently. They have the black woofer horns and red tweeter horns.  The photos taken today, they are Baltic Birch cabinets with a light sheen oil finish. I was going to keep these for the move, but finances and work changes do not permit unfortunately. If you have not heard or read about these speakers, you need to, they were awarded "Most Wanted Component" 2013.  Of all the speakers I have owned, these are truly the most remarkable in the vocals, ambiance and amount of punch (if you can believe that) for a monitor I have heard at a fraction of anything close. With good source and decent gear you can achieve ridiculous sound!  These sold for $3500.00.  At my asking price I will include an 8ft pair of Anti cable Type 1 term in spades.  Thanks for looking.  Not to sound cliche’, but I truly believe you will really not find a better sounding speaker for the asking price of $1000. 

**Beware of listings that are not SE's, the SE’s have the distinctive larger cabinet as there is a second separate compartment for the crossover on bottom, and the unmistakable Eichman speaker connectors which are black not Brass 

Review From Stereo Times-

Another reason I refer to the Wavetouch Grand Tetons as the “Higgs Boson” of speakers is because for its very compact dimensions and relatively small drivers, it produces 94 dB of volume for one watt of input power and provides very good bass performance that extends below 50 Hz. The bass it produces is very articulate and taut so one can really hear what the bass instruments are doing. The tonality is excellent and instruments sound natural and lifelike without the blurring and bloating that passes for bass in lesser designs.


With designer Alex Yoon’s introduction of the new Grand Teton SE speakers all these points still hold true—and then some. With the new SE version we have a much improved, premium quality crossover as well as upgraded and optimized internal wiring and a change from gold-plated brass binding posts to Eichmann Tellurium posts, which is basically high-quality gold plating over very pure copper posts. Many audiophiles, including yours truly, prefer the sound of gold-over-copper to that of gold-over-brass, so it makes perfect sense. Below is a description of the new crossover followed by a description of the original non-SE crossover.


It was a pleasure to audition the new Wavetouch Audio Grand Teton SE speakers. They are truly exceedingly musical, holographic, and well balanced reproducers of sound that don’t require a lot of room real estate and can be used successfully with a great variety of amplifiers whether they are tube, solid-state, hybrid, or class-D.

I have to congratulate designer Alex Yoon for making these refinements to an already great sounding loudspeaker. The new Grand Teton SE’s will now take up residence in my Small-Room Reference system as my reference loudspeakers of choice. My audiophile friends are already salivating over the prospect of buying the original version of the Grand Tetons from me and one of them is about to get lucky. Very Highly Recommended!

Wavetouch Audio Grand Teton Loudspeakers

Frequency response: 40Hz ~ 25,000Hz

Sensitivity: 94db (4 ohms)

AMT Heil Ribbon Tweeter

5.25" Mid-bass Driver

WaveTouch Technology

Made in Los Angeles, CA, USA.

Size: 15"h x 7.25"w x 12"d

Price: $3,500 in USA handmade Russian Baltic Birch plywood cabinets

WaveTouch Audio

401 W. Washington Blvd.

Los Angeles, CA 90015

Phone: 213 747 338

e-mail: [email protected]

Web: http://www.wavetouchaudio.com/

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