McIntoshMCD-1100usedMcIntosh MCD-1100 SACD/CD DAC - Good ConditionMcIntosh MCD-1100 in great condition for sale! New shipping box ordered from McIntosh (Includes both inner and outter boxes). The McIntosh MCD-1100 is a Reference CD/SACD player that considerably...4000.00

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McIntosh MCD-1100 SACD/CD DAC - Good Condition [Expired]

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McIntosh MCD-1100 in great condition for sale! New shipping box ordered from McIntosh (Includes both inner and outter boxes).  
The McIntosh MCD-1100 is a Reference CD/SACD player that considerably expands upon the performance of all sources of digital music. Its silky smooth transport is constructed from a rigid die-cast mechanism base with an aluminum cast tray that delivers quiet operation, and precise handling of your discs for long operational life. The Digital to Analog converters, or DACS, are the new ESS Sabre Reference 32 bit. The way the DAC's are configured are unique; there are four DAC's per channel and eight in total, in a Stereo Quad Balanced design, which allows you to experience the most subtle details in your music that you may have never heard before.

The McIntosh MCD-1100 utilizes Dual-Laser scanning for optimum reading of all the information on the disc, unlike other CD players that will resort to its error correction. When using error correction, the player is making an “educated guess” on what is being read by its laser from the CD. With the McIntosh MCD-1100 you get only the actual musical performance, not a “guess”, so you will hear every note that was recorded, not just "most" of it!

When we first connected our unit in our showroom; we were taken aback with the height of the soundstage and how far the image was extending well beyond the sides of the loudspeakers. The highs were extended and sweet, with lots of detail without a hint of harshness. The midrange is immediate, vivid, and full of air and lifelike. This player conveys a sense of effortless dynamics and control especially in the low bass. Overall this is a very involving player that allows you to listen to for hours on end without listening fatigue!

Many people now are discovering internet websites that are now offering "high-resolution audio" music downloads; these music files are not to be confused with MP-3 files, these high-resolution files can rival, and some people say sound better than CD's themselves! Music can now be stored in a computer hard drive or separate storage drive, which gives you the ability to conveniently store and access your music. Now this is where the McIntosh MCD-1100 comes into play, instead of utilizing the computer's low-fidelity sound card to convert the digital sound into music; the MCD-1100 includes a USB input connection to run the digital data thru the player and then into your audio system. When you connect your computer to the McIntosh MCD-1100 all the music is upsampled and re-clocked to the best possible quality. The details and the dynamics are restored. Now you can listen to the music from other CD players, music stored on computer hard drives, and ipod the way it was meant to be. In fact, as many as five, two channel digital audio sources can be used with the MCD-1100. This powerful digital processing power will allow you to experience a heightened sense of realism and resolution and make you feel that you are rediscovering your favorite music all over again!

The new McIntosh MCD-1100; the next generation of music playback for the future, and also giving you the best sound quality of all of your present music media for many years to come! Come bring in a few of your favorite CD's with you the next time you stop by in our store, and allow us to demonstrate how much of the music you've been missing until now!

Specifications for
McIntosh MCD-1100 CD Player
DimensionsHeight, 6.0in, X Width, 17.5in, X Depth, 16.5in
Freq range CD4Hz-20kHz
Freq range SACD4Hz-40kHz
Disc FormatsSACD ,CD, MP3, WMA
S/N Ratio110dB
Digital OutputCoaxial, TOS Link
Net Weight28.2

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