Meadowlark AudioBlue Heron mkIIusedMeadowlark Audio Blue Heron mkII SpeakersUSA BUYERS ONLY LOCAL PICK-UP ONLY ATLANTA GA. LOCAL PICK-UP IN ATLANTA AREA ONLY NO SHIPPING.Here we have for sale my great condition Medowlark Blue Herron 2 speakers. These speakers are special ...3400.00

Meadowlark Audio Blue Heron mkII Speakers [Expired]

no longer for sale



Here we have for sale my  great condition Medowlark Blue Herron 2 speakers. These speakers are special as they were once owned by the owner of Meadlowlark, Pat Mcginty and then were gifted to one of his dealers. I bought them directly from the dealer in 2014.  They require a banana plug speaker wire and can be bi-wired as show in the photos. Be sure this configuration will work for you before bidding.

They cabinets are in great condition as you can see from the photos. There is some damage on the black piece that surrounds the bottom edge of the speaker. One area has a chip and the other area is starting to delaminate. This is clearly shown in the photos. It would be a simple fix with some wood glue. Also the speakers come with the factory spikes which lift the speakers slightly off the ground so the damage has no effect on performance.

The speakers still look almost brand new. The wood area of the cabinets is in great condition with just a couple of light scuffs shown in the photos. Original retail price was $13.000

These speakers are of the time/phase alignment design much like Vandersteens. All drivers are from the Scan Speak company known for great performance. They sound incredible very coherent and smooth. No listening fatigue with these. Cabinets are beautiful and wood used is really nice. Don't really want to sell but have some medical debt to cover.

The speakers also come with the original wooden speakers crates as shown in the photos.  

Many outstanding reviews online.

I have 100 % feedback on Ebay too (gstein789) so check my perfect feedback and bid with confidence. Good luck....

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