WyWires, LLCSilver Series InterconnectusedWyWires, LLC Silver Series Interconnect RCA to RCA Phono with GroundingFor your consideration is the WyWires Silver phono interconnect. RCA to RCA and 5 feet in length. Terminated with the new Furutech locking ends. This is the current version. Grounding wire inclu...400.00

WyWires, LLC Silver Series Interconnect RCA to RCA Phono with Grounding [Expired]

no longer for sale

For your consideration is the WyWires Silver phono interconnect.  RCA to RCA and 5 feet in length. Terminated with the new Furutech locking ends.  This is the current version.  Grounding wire included!  This is an excellent sounding cable and is shielded to reduce RFI and noise.  No original box but will be packed well.  Please see my feedback and buy with confidence. 

Re arange of my analog system means I don't need this cable any longer.     
If paying by PayPal, please allow for 3% to cover fees.    

Insured, shipping within the contiguous USA included. 

Wywires is a small American cable company. Alex Sventitsky designs and hand builds all his cables. They were 8 years in design. They are superb. Reviews have all been exceptional. These are mid-priced cables that compete with the very best.  
WyWires Silver series is the classic line that started the revolution in air dielectric, Litz wire design. The Silver line embodies our design philosophy of ”less is more,” yielding unprecedented electrical and sonic performance.  Identified by gray/silver outer sheathing.
Read more at https://www.underwoodhifi.com/products/wywires

The WyWires phono cable might be the best component in my stereo and you really can’t see it. It’s like a stealth component in the war on noise. The instant I mounted it on the Ortofon 110 tonearm on the Merrill-Williams REAL 101.2 turntable I heard it. I mean didn’t hear it. I mean I heard music. Not cable. More music. More music than ever. Which is especially thrilling when I’m listening to records that I’ve listened to 100 times already.
Read more at http://recordcollectornews.com/2017/10/hello-to-wywires-farewell-to-petty/   
The WyWires cables I’ve had in for review have done everything I’d want cables to do. They helped maintain the focus and detail of the system, they helped pass the detail and articulation of the equipment they are connecting, and the digital cable above the rest, has really made helped me to see past the medium divide.
Read more at https://www.dagogo.com/wywires-interconnect-digital-speaker-cable-review/
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