GradoG-1+usedGrado G-1+ Cartridge - vintage/classic NOSI'm selling some of my classic Grado moving iron cartridges that I have have been saving over the years. I've not used or mounted this G-1+ but I included pictures to show the channels are not ope...125.00

Grado G-1+ Cartridge - vintage/classic NOS [Expired]

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I'm selling some of my classic Grado moving iron cartridges that I have have been saving over the years.  I've not used or mounted this G-1+ but I included pictures to show the channels are not open so this is my best ability to illustrate and endorse its condition.  This G-1+ has what appears to be excellent balance between channels based on resistance readings.  What you see in the pictures is what is included, i.e. the black wooden jewel box, cartridge, stylus guard, and stylus remover tool.  The picture showing the other G-1+ and stylus's are other Grado pieces I'm planning to list soon, so to clarify this listing is for the G-1+ specifically pointed to in the picture.
As a little editorial side-note to my attraction to Grado, I bought an F-1+ at Sound Associates in 1979 and still use it as one of my daily cartridges. I later sold Grado during the time of this classic period, or what I refer to as the Fluxbridger series (so as to distinguish it from the current Prestige line-up that arrived after Joe Grado retired, leaving the business to his nephew to continue operating).  I've tried the Prestige "Silver" and though they seem fine  overall it is certainly different than my F-1+ as well as the G's and M's of the Fluxbridger era, which were Joe Grado's premier pieces before the Signatures, Platinums, References, and Statements that have developed since Joe's departure. These tiers that have come since collectively display a wider range of cartridges from inexpensive to extravagantly expensive but segregated by the best performance reserved to the most elaborate upper echelon, whereas I feel the fluxbridger series embed Mr. Grado's finest work and most mature and musical expression at an undeniable value within each model of that series. In contrast to the Prestige series, which is considered entry-level for Grado, you'd find the Fluxbridger series to have mostly havenude mounted, through the shank styli at even the $65 range on up, unlike the glued-on bush-mounted diamonds used in the Prestige series all the way through the Grado Gold 2.  A Grado Black sells for ~$75 while the Gold 2 is ~$260.  The F-1+ sold at $75 and it's design and performance are many levels above the Black and I would speculate it betters the Gold 2 in overall performance.  Only my opinion of course but I'd venture to say it may require $500-$750 to get the design, materials and performace of an F-1+ in a Grado today. Horses for courses as they say and there is indeed no right or wrong! It's all audio fun, about enjoying music and the value of maximizing your audio pleasure with the best investment for your dollars so these are my own reasons for preferring this series. I'm still using my F-1+ and have a couple back-up original replacement styli for it as well as another NOS F-1+ and G-2+/S styli for upgraded performance when I choose, so having all the Grados I've been keeping all these years is really more about collecting than needing, so I've decided to let them go at this time.  I'm fond of the sound of moving iron type cartridges and until recently had the classic Empires (2000/III and 4000/III) and Pickerings (XV-15 1200/E and D-1800 stylus), but have moved on from them and now quite content with my current F-1+ and the backups I have for it.  By no means is it the last word in refined musicality, and pretty pedestrian compared to some of the esoteric moving coils that pass through here at Audiogon, but at the prices they sold for compared to what you'd have to spend now for similar performance...  After 40+ years of doing this, I think I've finally decided what brings me contentment and can finally relax the desire to hoard and seek the next holy grail, at least ones in my price range :-)
Shipping will be by USPS Priority mail and I'll prepare the G-1+ to arrive safely, otherwise I cannot accept returns due to being NOS as well as delicate nature of the component.  If you have any questions feel free to ask and thank you for looking!  :-)    
  • Output:  3mV 
  • Frequency Response:  10-60,000Hz
  • Input Load:  10,000 ohms or more
  • Inductance:  55Mh
  • DC Resistance: 700 ohms (I measured 678 left ch & 678 right ch)
  • Stylus: special "Grado Type" elliptical
  • Per Grado spec sheet, the F2+, F1+ and G1+ use a special Grado stylus, which I understand to be similar to a hyper-elliptical type profile.

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