Magnepan3.7usedMagnepan 3.7Magnepan 3.7 Loudspeakers. Black Oak/Black Cloth.Original owner.Reason for sale: Upgraded to Magnepan 20.7Here are my new ones: are the ones listed:...3300.00

Magnepan 3.7 [Expired]

no longer for sale

Magnepan 3.7 Loudspeakers.  Black Oak/Black Cloth.

Original owner.

Reason for sale:  Upgraded to Magnepan 20.7

Here are my new ones:

Here are the ones listed:

Note:  These are NOT the I's.  $500.00 if you want to upgrade it, but Magnepan won't
tell you what the upgrade actually is.....

These are the speakers that made me a Maggie owner for life.  The reviews will tell you more than I can.

I do have Mye Stands available as a package, or I can sell them with original stands.

Truly minty condition, no pets, no smoking, driven with world class gear.....and cables...
Truly an end game speaker with no compromises.....

When I originally purchased these, I had custom crates constructed for them and shipped at my expense to the out of state dealer.  I did this because UPS tore up the first pair they sent me.  As such, I STRONGLY want to deliver these versus ship them.  I will deliver and set up anywhere within 200 miles of Oklahoma City or you can pick them up.  If I ship them, I will insist on you utilizing the crates I had made filled with foam to protect them.  They will be shipped freight FOB in the crate 100% at the buyer's expense.  I will split the paypal fees.

Negative or zero feedback, please contact me prior to making offer.

Price with MyeStands is 3250.00  Price without is 2950.00 delivered, or 2750.00 picked up in Oklahoma City.
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