BMCARCADIA SPEAKERSusedBMC ARCADIA SPEAKERS (( Outboard Crossovers ))BMC is well known for their outstanding electronics, but it's really their speakers which present a Hugh Value. The Arcadia competes strongly into the $60,000 plus range from other major speaker br...13500.00

BMC ARCADIA SPEAKERS (( Outboard Crossovers ))

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BMC is well known for their outstanding electronics, but it's really their speakers which present a Hugh Value. The Arcadia competes strongly into the $60,000 plus range from other major speaker brands, yet retails for $40,000 pair.

This pair comes with heavy duty foam padded flight cases ($4,000 value) and will ship strapped to a pallet for extra safe delivery. Even the external crossovers come packed in their own separate foam padded flight cases.

The finish is piano black, the cabinet is ceramic composite. These speakers are extremely transparent and produce a massive and powerful soundstage.

Mirrored drivers on front and back in a balanced bi-polar configuration.

We have a second pair available in Satin Black finish for $2,000 less.
If you would like pictures of this pair, please send request to...
[email protected]

Please read the description below for complete details and specifications!

The Arcadia is a balanced bi-polar configuration and is unique in a number of ways. Most conventional speakers have good depth of image in the center of the soundstage, but much less so at the sides. The Arcadia’s bi-polar design dramatically improves the soundstage’s depth impression at the sides, making the soundstage more complete and realistic. The innovative Megalith cabinet design is elegantly slim with a series of thin raised side panels that emphasize its graceful vertical lines, enabling it to also fit comfortably in normal living environments.   

Balanced Megalith Cabinet  

The Megalith cabinet is made of an exclusive material, a compound of several aluminum-hydroxide-based ceramics with an acrylic binder. Its stiffness and internal energy loss are far better than is possible with any cabinet made of wood. Resonance-free and rigid, the cabinet is also free from the effects of humidity and thermal elongation. In fact, the fusion of its parts is more like chemical welding, so that it reacts as a single, seamless piece. The cabinet is sealed, eliminating the bass-reflex resonance that can sound like blowing air into an empty bottle. The power of the drivers and the cabinet’s low energy loss more than compensate for any loss of oomph in the sound. The Arcadia is a balanced speaker, which means the same driver set on the front is also on the rear.

Drivers by B.M.C. Audio

Two 11-inch side-firing honeycomb-Kevlar woofers, each woofer is driven by 6 magnets in a ring configuration for an exceptionally long linear excursion range. Four 5" honeycomb-Kevlar midrange drivers in a bi-polar configuration. The honeycomb-Kevlar cones are light, stiff, free of resonance and coloration. Two Air-Motion ribbon tweeter with a massive motor and light diaphragm for superb acceleration and high sound pressure capability, in a bi-polar configuration as well.


The crossover, uniquely, is external, and weighs 37.5 lbs. Being external frees it from internal sound pressures, and makes it easily upgradable with future solutions that improve the sound even further. Also unconventional, B.M.C. Audio custom crafted all the Arcadia’s key elements, including its large air inductors, inductance-free polypropylene capacitors, unique polystyrene “by-passers”, and metal-film resistor arrays, instead of the usual MOX or wire resistors, for superior precision and sound quality.

- 3 way passive bipolar speaker
- Megalith ceramic-composite cabinet
- External Crossover

- 2 x (11"), Kevlar/Honeycomb cone, 6 magnet drive, 50mm voice coil

- 4 x (6.1"), Kevlar/Honeycomb cone

- 2 x Air Motion Transformer, extreme drive motor

- 91dB/W/m

Dimensions top:
- 47.2 x 7.7 x 20.4" (WxHxD)

Dimensions bottom:
- 47.2 x 11.2 x 20.4" (WxHxD)

- 198.0 lbs. per speaker
- 37.5 lbs. per crossover 

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(303) 264-8831

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