MeridianDSP-5200usedMeridian DSP-5200 Digital Active Speakers - Gloss Black FInish - DEMOMeridian DSP-5200 Active speakers in gloss black. The speakers have built-in digital processing with dual 192kHz, 24-bit D/A converters and built-in amplification. The are approximately 5 years o...2200.00

Meridian DSP-5200 Digital Active Speakers - Gloss Black FInish - DEMO [Expired]

no longer for sale

Meridian DSP-5200 Active speakers in gloss black.  The speakers have built-in digital processing with dual 192kHz, 24-bit D/A converters and built-in amplification.  The are approximately 5 years old with very very little use. The speaker finish has the general swirls of cleaning visible and there is not marks, scratches or chips on the speakers.  The come with the manual, and original box.  The speakers are a 9 out of 10 rating.

Shipping – Included with purchase of the unit within most contiguous US states(lower 48
states) only. Shipping cost is added to buyers in Alaska, Puerto Rico, Hawaii,  Guam and Virgin Islands.

The DSP5200 takes the elegant appearance and design of Meridian's flagship DSP8000 and popular DSP7000 and delivers it in a compact package just 36 inches tall. Indeed, many of the features of the 5200 are derived from the larger systems in the line.

The self-contained system combines a 2 1/2-way crossover design, three custom drivers, three amplifiers, two multi-bit delta-sigma digital converters, digital crossovers and computers to audio with full remote control over bass, treble tilt, time-correct balance, absolute phase, tweeter axis and input. Advanced DSP controls allow correction of the frequency response for a variety of locations.

An enhanced basket design with sturdy clamp rings accompanies the drivers, which are chosen specifically for their sound. The curved and tapered cabinet both increases stiffness and is said to improve HF dispersion. Cabinet construction is of 19mm thick multi-layer materials, with proprietary heavy poured resin, and is inherently stiff. The dual bass drivers use 160mm long-throw composite designs and the cabinet vents through a dual rear port. The tweeter is a 25mm aluminum-dome, silver-wire design.

Each speaker incorporates an electronics panel in the rear part of the cabinet. The speaker accepts digital signals and has two inputs, placed at the base of the cabinet for ease of installation. The electronic design of the DSP5200 is entirely new, and takes advantage of the latest advances in component design as well as techniques and approaches employed on the DSP8000.

The input receiver uses a FIFO (First In First Out) memory buffer for the lowest possible jitter from almost any source. At the heart of the 5200 is a DSP system based around a 150MIPS processor, running brand new software. A built-in circuit monitoring system handles both thermal and bass protection, without compromising either sound or protection capability.

High resolution double-precision processing and upsampling, coupled with the latest 192kHz, 24-bit DACs, ensure the digital signal path is second to none.