Ayre AcousticsAX-7eusedAyre Acoustics AX-7eAyre AX-7e Integrated Amplifier Now a modern “classic” and a Stereophile Class A rated Integrated . In very very good to perhaps excellent condition. Comes with factory Ayre remote control, o...1750.00

Ayre Acoustics AX-7e [Expired]

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With a trip to FedEx the new outer box is one of their shipping cartons 20 x 20 x 13
Foam inserts to isolate the inner Ayre carton brings shipping weight to 32lbs
I Will absorb box and packing expense but it allows FedEx to value item to $1800

Ayre AX-7e Integrated Amplifier 
Now a modern “classic”  and a  Stereophile Class A rated Integrated . In very very good to perhaps excellent condition. Comes  with factory Ayre remote control, owners manual and factory power cord , Pangea power cord and Ayre shipping carton. Will double box at FedEx so  shipping dimensions and weight will no doubt increase. 
$1899 plus Shipping/Insurance   Pay Pal fees if applicable extra 
The Absolute Sound : "....In addition to the improved bottom end, the AX-7e throws an especially clean—but not sterile or uninvolving— delightfully wide-open, Paul Bunyan sized sound stage. Images are stable, with nice separation among instruments, as well..."   
From Stereophile Recommended Components
Ayre Acoustics AX-7e: ✩
"The success of this 60Wpc, solid-state, two-channel, fully balanced, integrated amplifier depended on the associated sources. Used from balanced output to balanced input, “It was brilliant. Amazing. Stirring, even,” said AD. However, used as an unbalanced amp, “The AX-7 still sounded good, but its musical performance lacked momentum and, ultimately, excitement.” Overall, the Ayre was “colorful, clear, well-textured, and spatially convincing.” It seemed sensitive to the type and length of speaker cable AD used, and seemed more sensitive to AC power quality than average. “I strongly recommend the Ayre AX-7 for use [only] in an all-balanced system.” The ‘7e’s power supply now includes greater filtering of the AC mains, increased peak current delivery, and filtering of the rectifier switching noise. In addition, the AX-7e’s gain stages now use two-stage voltage regulators in place of the earlier version’s single-stage regulators. The sound now combined classic Brit-style pacing and tunefulness with near-SET levels of presence and a fine sense of musical flow, a combination that allowed AD to become emotionally involved in the music. “The AX-7e is the best integrated I’ve ever heard,” endorsed WP. “One heck of an involving amplifier,” he summed up. Original AX-7s can be fully upgraded for $250–$350, depending on the age of the unit. (Vol.26 No.10 AX-7; Vol.29 No.1, Vol.31 No.3, AX-7e Read Review Online; see also “The Fifth Element” in Vol.34 No.2 and Vol.35 No.4 Read Review Online)

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