TechnicsSU-G30usedTechnics SU-G30 Network Amplifier - DEMO/DUSPLAYTechnics SU-G30 Network Integrated Amplifier in silver finish. The unit is a fabulous sounding unit and definitely not the general sounding characteristics associated to asian amplifiers. Reviews ...1850.00

Technics SU-G30 Network Amplifier - DEMO/DUSPLAY

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Technics SU-G30 Network Integrated Amplifier in silver finish.
The unit is a fabulous sounding unit and definitely not the general sounding
characteristics associated to asian amplifiers.  Reviews tell it all which you can search
online.  Build quality is second to none
and the pictures on my listing or online doesn’t do it justice.  This unit has at most 400--500 hours of demonstration
time and otherwise was on the floor as a display unit.  The SU-G30 comes complete with the manual,
remote and original box.  The unit rates
a 10 out of 10. 

Shipping – Included with
purchase of the speaker in Canada and within most contiguous US states(lower 48
states) only. Shipping cost is added to buyers in Alaska, Puerto Rico, Hawaii,
 Guam and Virgin Islands.

JENO Engine (Jitter Elimination and Noise-shaping Optimization)

is a major cause of distortion in digital systems, and is caused by mis-timing
in the master clocks used in digital-to-analogue conversion. To eliminate the
degradation of sound caused by jitter, Technics has developed an original
jitter reduction circuit, comprising a clock generator in the noise-shaping
system to reduce jitter in the low-frequency range and a high-precision sample
rate converter for suppressing jitter in the high-frequency range. Thus it
reduces jitter in an ideal way over the entire frequency range. This works with
a newly-developed and original high-precision PWM (Pulse Width Modulation)
conversion circuit, optimising the noise-shaping speed, the degree and
requantisation error, and the PWM gradation, in order to convert high-resolution
signals to PWM without causing any damage to the dynamic range. These new
technologies enable the new generation of Technics digital amplifier designs to
reproduce the natural and delicate nuances of music.

GaN-FET Driver (High Speed and Low Impedance Power devices)

the power output section of the amplifier, Technics has employed a high-speed
GaN (gallium nitride) FET driver device with super-low resistance. This enables
the construction of a high-power amp using a single push-pull configuration,
allowing the length of the large current carrying signal path to be shortened,
and resulting in outstanding linearity regardless of the sound level.

LAPC (Load Adaptive Phase Calibration)

impedance of a speaker is not constant: it varies according to frequency, thus
altering the loading on the amplifier and therefore potentially the sound.
Technics is able to measure an amplifier's frequency amplitude-phase
characteristics with speakers connected, and has developed a speaker impedance
adaptive optimisation algorithm. Using digital signal processing to achieve the
ideal impulse response. Correction processing based on the new algorithm
achieves a flat frequency response for both amplitude and phase, which is not
possible with a conventional amplifier. Delivering a sound with a rich spatial

High-speed Silent Hybrid Power Supply

a conventional switch mode power supply, the switching frequency changes in response
to the load fluctuation in order to control the switching ON time for
stabilising the output voltage. This fluctuation component in the switching
frequency has a negative impact on sound quality. The newly developed power
supply reduces the noise component harmful to sound quality by fixing the
switching frequency. In addition, the latter stage in the switching power
supply is provided with a linear regulator to stabilise the output voltage. The
linear regulator uses custom, high-definition electrolytic capacitors. What's
more, the resonance power supply decreases the level of switching noise, and
the PFC (Power Factor Correction) reduces primary current peaks and higher
harmonics. The parts used for absorbing noise, such as capacitors, were carefully
selected. All possible measures were taken to achieve low noise and reproduce
clear sound.

Battery Driven Clock Generator

best power supply for delicate circuitry such as the clock generator in the new
amplifiers is one entirely isolated from any noise or fluctuations in the mains
supply. Technics has extensive experience in circuits using battery isolation,
having used them to create ultra-low-noise pre-amplifier stages in past
analogue amplifiers

Digital Noise Isolation Architecture

SU-G30 Network Audio Amplifier receives audio signals from various digital
content devices, such as NAS, PCs, USB memory devices, and other digital
inputs. Many of these digital content storage systems were originally designed
for use with PCs, so low noise – which is required for pure audio reproduction
– was never a main design concern. To handle these often noisy sources, the
SU-G30 isolates the interfaces for these media to exclude external electrical
interference, and also employs a jitter remover, thus offering clear and stable
sound, free from noise and distortion

Wi-Fi Capability

can connect the SU-G30 to a network via a home LAN system using a cable or with
a wireless configuration (IEEE802.11a/b/g/n). The built-in Wi-Fi function lets
you easily connect to a network without using a LAN cable even if your PC or
broadband router is set up in another room.

Bluetooth® Capability

SU-G30 is also equipped with a Bluetooth® function that supports aptX® and AAC.
This lets you stream music easily from a Bluetooth®-ready device.


unit includes the MQA (Master Quality Authenticated) technology, which enables
playback of MQA audio files and streams, delivering the sound of the original
master recording.

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