InakustikLS-4004 AirnewInakustik LS-4004 Air over 15 million cables sold worldwideThis ad is for one set of Inakustik LS-4004 Air speaker cables in 3.0 meter length (spade to spade). This is the same model of cable I use on my personal reference system. Inakustik Cables have ...6000.00

Inakustik LS-4004 Air over 15 million cables sold worldwide [Expired]

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This ad is for one set of Inakustik LS-4004 Air speaker cables in 3.0 meter length (spade to spade). This is the same model of cable I use on my personal reference system.

Inakustik Cables have been in business for over 40 years and they are hand built in Germany. Inakustik Cables are in over 2000 stores in-between Europe and Asia and there are 40 plus employees at the 16000 square foot Inakustik factory. In 2016 Inakustik compiled and delivered over 45,000 shipments and life time Inakustik has sold over 15 million cables. Of the 45000 plus shipments, last year, 7,000 cables were special hand-made cables from their INakustil Reference series. After A/B test over 400 different cable models, we at Worldwide Wholesales have selected Inakustik 2404 Air Reference series as our favorite cable. Rather than going on and on about how good the 2404 Air cable is, I think that understanding Inakustik's credo is the best way to describe the sound of the Inakustik 2404 sound. The best cable is the one that has the least effects on the reproduction quality of the Hi-Fi or video chain and transmits the original signal with the minimum loss. We have been fighting for this for over four decades with products we have developed ourselves at our own cable manufacturing factory. This is where most cables from our Reference and Excellence cable line are manufactured. Perfect performance instead of unnecessary losses. Physics instead of voodoo – that is our credo. The 2404 Air series is built very different from other cables and here is a link to the production video of the 2404 Air speaker cable being built. The interconnects are built with the exact same Air Helix structure technology which involves a Super Speed waveguide. Besides the sound quality of the 2404 Inakustik cable, we really like that they are actually responsibly priced. As we stated earlier, Worldwide Wholesales has A/B over 400 different cable models, with many costing in the $15000-$20000 range. We personally believe that there is no need to spend that kind of money on a single set of cables if you can get stunning results from a $1650 set of NF-2404 Air XLR interconnects (1.0 meter length). Real Inakustik customers; [email protected] Mike - [email protected] Francois - [email protected] Bonny- [email protected] Michael- [email protected] [email protected] Jonathan - [email protected] Testimonials; Francois Lemay (4004 model) FLaudio Boucherville Robert, I had a very good experience with the Inakustik LS-1603 speaker cables last month and was sort of skeptical about testing the LS-4004. How could it be way better... So I let the 4004 cables cook for 36 continuous hours before any listening. Then... I decided to make it difficult on Inakustik and made my first comparison with the best cable I had, the Stealth Dream that I am selling for a friend. It has a very good reputation and sells for 12000$ CAD.

You know how strict my listening comparison protocol is. Same for know track and unknown. I know my worst enemy is myself and as any human, hoping reality will match expectations so beware. Always be beware of yourself. It is hard to explain but generally when listening to songs, attention is naturally focused on the singer and we follow the singer and simple awareness with accompanied instruments. With the 4004, the relationship between singer and instruments is totally different. Each is totally free to express themselves and the listener can now freely dance between whatever he or she wants to pay attention to. It also mean that you hear much more detail and I would say lot more small nuances than ever before. Indeed backup vocals now have their own space and time... I still have not listened with analog source: Kronos Pro, Black Beauty arm, ZXT Omega Premium.  I will keep you posted. Robert, I have only used my reference 2 way monitor speakers to do these test but the electronics ( Tenor 350M 240V 130000$, Tenor line 126500$ and phono preamp 61500$) and digital source with Inakustik NF-2404 interconnects are I think able to show the total potential of these cables. And what potential! I am in a way surprised and disturbed because Stealth cables were so expensive but so deeply happy to be able to own the Inakustik LS-4004 speaker cables; my new reference cables. Thanks for this discovery and I call them 4004 wonders. Andrew (4004 model) Let touch base on these Inakustik LS 4004 AIR, The only thing I can say is " WOW " If you love BASS this cable will toss your Subwoofer to the window, the details, sound stage, deep deep bass and 3D imaging spot on. please note, this cable haven't break in yet just came out from the box in cold weather and plug in. I don't know how much better after 100hrs of playing time,The answer is ONLY GET BETTER! Dave NY (2404 model) These cables really maintain a system’s potential for imaging they have great separation and air and a very high level of transparency so you can see deep into the soundstage. This transparency reveals a great sense of depth and detail while maintaining a sense of ease and an overall organic sound with very accurate tone. Easy to listen for hours on end to but never soft everything just sounds right. Sold my Synergistic Research cables after listening to these my new reference IC.   Rusty (4004 model) I'll follow up with you later but Holy Crap Batman! Wanna buy a nice set of Echloe's? Clean one owner! Thank you sir. I was blown away last night about an hour after putting them in the system. Do the IC's do the same thing? Thank you sir. I'm so glad I called. Michael Setjadiningrat (4004 Model) Hello Bob, Sorry for late reply, I run the system 5 days nonstop before I start listening. Now it has good 100 hours. All I can say about this cable is “wow”, I could not believe how LS404 Air does it, any music I played through my system, it come out so much alive than it had before, bass slams deep and midrange to die for. Having a good listen to few different genre of music, I can hear how fast, detail with an excellent articulation that makes your listening session is so much enjoyment. Great recommendation from you to go for LS4004 Air, I never look back and it will stays on my system. Regards, Michael Jonathan Horwich (2404 model) Dear Robert, I let the XLR to XLR interconnect you sent me break in for 6 days solid.  I would have gone longer but have to run tapes for the next 3-4 days and if this wire is going to, better than what I have, I want to use it.

Remember, I listen to my tape copies daily over and over.  I know this one copying line up as well as anyone can know a focused aspect of their audio system.  I have to listen to it for hours upon hours, daily and weekly.  It is what I do for a living. I listened to my current wire for a while tonight and then put in the Inakustik between the two tape machines.  One plays the master and the other records it.  The Inakustik wire is between the machines carrying the signal.  After putting in the Inakustik 2404, immediately the sound is more real, more natural, more open and richer in the good sense.  No question.  I barely listened and heard it.  I then got my wife in the studio who knows this one tape of mine by a Chicago singer over a vintage mic.  She immediately said the wire was better.  More natural, smooth in the good sense, no so grainy she said.  I didn’t influence her listening nor her descriptive>In short the wire is excellent.  I wish you could hear these master tapes with the wire. So realistic in the musical sense. The vibes I’m listening to right now are startlingly natural, put present. Most presence in other wire (well in most amplifiers and speakers too) is boosted frequencies or some planned aberration.  Not the Inakustik.  it is an organic presence like analog tape is itself. Thank you so much for helping me get the wire.  More to Come Jonathan Jonathan Horwich International Phonograph, Inc. 727 S. Dearborn St. Unit 1011 These are real clients that have said it is OK to contact their above email addresses but we have sold several 100's Inakustik cables with similar responses. This is a very special cable manufacture with real technology. Please feel free to contact the emails addresses above. Shipping cost is set at $100.00 for Canada and the US except Hawaii. Our Email; [email protected] Phone; Bob 519-619-9924 Call for different pricing on different lengths.

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