Harbeth Monitor 30.2 XD SpeakersnewHarbeth  Monitor 30.2 XD Speakers FREE SHIPPING!!East End Hi-Fi are an authorized dealer for Harbeth, and has a pair for demonstration here in our Long Island location of the new "XD" model of one of the most highly regarded monitors of all time!...99999.00

Harbeth Monitor 30.2 XD Speakers FREE SHIPPING!! [Expired]

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East End Hi-Fi are an authorized dealer for Harbeth, and has a pair for demonstration here in our Long Island location of the new "XD" model of one of the most highly regarded monitors of all time! The Harbeth Monitor 30.2 XD speakers have a history of awards too long to mention. These classic BBC speakers are finished in a gorgeous Walnut finish.  Please call or email us to set up an audition.


The 30.2’s received a "Class A" rating in last April issue of Stereophile’s "Recommended Components"!!!

Here’s what Herb Reichert of Stereophile had to say:

“I noticed how enormous and powerful the large drum sounded. My minds eye noted the color of its skin and measured its diameter.”

“Miles and his electric band felt tangibly there—unlike those ashen phantoms from my old friend’s shiny new system.”

“This newly discovered vividness caused the Harbeth’s to remind me of vintage Quad ESL’s.”

“I also believe that Harbeth’s Monitor 30.2 is the most neutral, accurate, and tuneful, fun, and music-loving stand-mounted two-way speaker I’ve heard.”

Here’s what StereoNet had to say about the 30.2 XD’s:


"Not having the pre-XD version of the Monitor M30.2 XD to compare the new model with, I cannot comment on the improvements. Yet I’m well able to applaud what’s now on sale. Certainly, this Xtended Definition edition is easily the best Harbeth I’ve heard so far – to me, it sounds very special, especially when playing through a serious amplifier. It may not offer any particular technological frills, but this is still one of the finest speakers around at its price and will put a smile on many faces."

2017 CAF Show - Art Dudley of Stereophile said this of the new Harbeth 30.2 Anniversary loudspeakers, in their limited-edition Silver Eucalyptus finish:

"The system—and the speakers in particular—provided for me a reality check that lasted for the rest of the show: As much as I love vintage gear, there remain those well-designed, well-made contemporary products that are unabashedly modern, yet bow to nothing in their ability to play music with warmth and humanness. These and other Harbeth’s are surely near the top of that list,"

Fully broken in, these speakers have an amazing sense of presence, excellent soundstaging, and timbre. Instruments and voices sound scarily realistic! Bass is tight, and nicely extended with normal room boost, especially for a 50Hz response.

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